The Amazing Race 26 Recap: Episode 12

Monster Truck Heroes

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 28, 2015

We bet these two never take selfies again.

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Just as Blair walks up to start working on the passing portion of the task, Mike catches his pass. Tyler puts his extra point right through the goalpost and high fives the ref. He and Laura are off to P2 Ranch, where their next clue/task will be awaiting them.

Let’s just say that Mike is not cut out for kicking, as he kicks like Scott Norwood in a Super Bowl (laces out!). He rightfully notes that he’s built more for playing defense. As for Blair, he actually has a wide receiver’s build, and catches his ball with absolutely no trouble.

Mike misses another kick, and his pants fall down, too. Fortunately, he’s not alone in his kicking crappiness, as Blair’s is almost as bad.

Looking like a natural, Jelani easily catches his pass.

Blair puts his kick through the uprights, so he and Hayley aren’t too far behind Tyler & Laura. As for Jelani, he apparently didn’t kick in his previous football life, because he muffs it badly.

Out at the cabs, Tyler & Laura’s driver has no idea where the ranch is, so they ask Hayley & Blair’s driver if he knows the location. He does, so they say they’ll just wait and follow their cab. Of course, Hayley presumes that the two of them are trying to steal their cab and calls them “shady.” She and Blair tell their driver, “Don’t let them follow us,” which is sort of valid, but worrying that much about what another team is doing can be deadly at this point in the race. Just go win and quit whining.


We’re still at the extra point portion of the task for Mike and Jelani. They both miss another round, but at least Jelani gets his ball up in the air.

Somehow, Mike makes his kick. Jelani misses one more before finally getting it done.

As predicted, Hayley & Blair (well, Hayley) are freaking out so much about Tyler & Laura following them that they’ve now wasted enough time to allow the other two teams to catch up. Honestly, Laura & Tyler should have just gone ahead and left and asked for directions at the first available place. Now we’ve just got bunching again, and Hayley & Blair have done themselves absolutely no favors.

Eventually, Tyler & Laura decide that they should follow Jenny & Jelani’s cab driver instead of Hayley & Blair’s, because something seems off about the direction they’re headed.

Mike & Rochelle’s cab left while they were in the stadium, so they’re stuck and looking for a replacement.

Despite the belief that Hayley & Blair were headed the wrong way, they do arrive at P2 Ranch first, where they’ll join a cattle drive to corral some longhorns. Once the task is complete, teams will receive their next clue. Blair has never ridden a horse, but he seems more natural at it than Hayley, who has no idea how to stop hers.

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