The Amazing Race 26 Recap: Episode 11

In It to Win It

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 18, 2015

It's hard to see the cute past the evil.

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Mike & Rochelle have found the wrong clown, so Tyler & Laura are easily able to depart the mosaic area before they can even arrive.

Despite their blisters, Hayley & Blair have finally delivered all their bricks and receive a clue that directs them to Huanchaco, which is apparently a popular beach spot in the area.

After knocking over the clown’s balloons, Mike & Rochelle are handed some magnifying glasses to help them find their tiny mosaic clue. Tyler & Laura have chosen “Brick” and seem to be off to a good start.

At Huanchaco, the Road Block is “Don’t Rock the Boat,” which requires the teams to carry a boat called a caballito across the beach. Once they have arrived at their final destination, one of the two team members must surf on the boat to a clue box.

Tyler & Laura and Mike & Rochelle are both at the “Brick” task, but the latter team is struggling mightily. They decide to swap to the dancing task, which concerns Tyler & Laura a bit since some of their bricks are not quite as perfect as they ought to be.

Finally, Jenny & Jelani have completed their dance, and they’re all smiles as they head toward the caballito area. Blair is an experienced paddleboard surfer, so he confidently hops on the boat. He quickly learns that a caballito is nothing like a paddleboard, as he falls off numerous times.

When they arrive for their dance lesson, Mike & Rochelle realize that this task will be a lot more challenging than any of their previous dance tasks. They have concerns.

Tyler & Laura have four bricks squished by the foreman, so they’re having to do just a bit more work. Blair finally has the balance for the caballito, so he grabs their clue and heads back to shore. Jenny & Jelani are headed for the surfing area, too.

Instead of taking half the bricks at a time, Tyler tries to wheel all 12 of them to the delivery location (all with Laura’s encouragement). They soon realize that this is a really hard task, as they have a long way to go yet.

On their first attempt at the dance, Mike & Rochelle fail. They have the steps down, but not the presentation. Blair & Hayley are headed for the Pitstop.

Tyler & Laura have delivered their bricks, but when Laura puts them on the ground, she drops one and breaks it. They have to go all the way back to build another one. Fortunately for them, Mike & Rochelle have failed once again at the dance task.

Over at the surfing task, Jelani is getting his butt kicked. He struggles to stay onboard the caballito. Jenny laughs (but realizes that she shouldn’t be).


The final brick has been delivered for Tyler & Laura, so they’re headed off to start surfing. Mike & Rochelle are still dancing, though. They decide that they need a bit more practice before trying again. Rochelle is clearly demoralized, but says “anything is possible if we don’t give up.”

Jelani creates his own technique for the caballito, leaning back on it rather than sitting on top of it. He is slow, but he gets his clue.

Hayley & Blair are checked in as Team #1. They’ve won a trip to India, but more important, Phil tells them that they are one of the teams that will be racing in the final leg. Jelani & Jenny get the same news.

For the surfing task, both Laura and Rochelle are required to do the Roadblock since Tyler and Mike have done the maximum possible. Laura gets off to a great start before being hit by a substantial wave and knocked into the water. Still, she seems to have great technique and retrieves their clue. They are off to the Pitstop.

Rochelle, on the other hand, has absolutely no coordination for the task. She’s crying and saying she can’t do it, but Mike reminds her that she’s done stuff she says she can’t do throughout the race.

At the Pitstop, Tyler & Laura are checked in as Team #3. Phil tells them that they are “one of the teams that will be racing in the final leg.” At this point, we can’t help but notice his specific wording. It’s “final leg,” not “final three.”

Determined to finish the surfing task, Rochelle takes it on and gets it done. There’s some tricksy sad music, and Phil is sad to tell them that they are the last team to arrive. However, he also tells them that they are one of the teams that will be racing for $1 million, and that the race continues now. Their clue sends them to Dallas, but Phil warns them that he will be eliminating one team before the end of the leg.

Okay, so it’s technically not a non-elimination leg, but still. They seem to be significantly behind enough that they’re going to struggle to catch up.

Stay tuned for the recap of the finale of The Amazing Race. It’s been a good season with strong teams. We’re looking forward to seeing who pulls off the win.

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