The Amazing Race 26 Recap: Episode 11

In It to Win It

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 18, 2015

It's hard to see the cute past the evil.

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Jelani & Jenny have an initial moment of confusion, but they, too, find their tile. After dancing with the clown, they are one their way to the Detour.

Back over to our first place team, Hayley & Blair have chosen the Brick task. They watch the brick demonstrator and take an initial shot at making a brick, but it’s pretty lopsided. Blair says that they should do 12 bricks as best they can and see what happens.

The car troubles are getting worse for Mike & Rochelle. Their taxi is making horrible noises, and their driver barely avoids driving them straight into oncoming traffic. They are rightfully terrified and concerned about their future.

For their Detour, Jenny & Jelani have chosen to dance. They get all dressed up in traditional Peruvian attire and begin their lesson.

The brakes on the taxi for Mike & Rochelle are squealing loudly enough that they’re putting their fingers over their ears. After a few moments of the noise, the drive finally pulls over. When they get out, Mike & Rochelle see that the car is smoking from the overuse of the brakes. Yikes.

Laura & Tyler pass them as their own taxi nearly gets clipped by a giant bus. What is with these drivers? Laura says that she had just been praying for someone to get a flat tire. As we mentioned at the beginning of the recap, luck can play a huge role in these final two legs.

Theoretically, Mike & Rochelle’s driver is trying to get them some help, and Laura & Tyler feel kind of guilty about being happy for their misfortune. They wish it was Hayley & Blair on the side of the road instead, because losing a million dollars to them would be the absolute worst.


Back over to Hayley & Blair, the foreman has come to examine their bricks, and all but three are faulty. They have to start again, but pay close attention to the process so that they can properly create their remaining bricks. Their next one is perfect, and they’re on the move.

A new taxi arrives to rescue Mike & Rochelle, but they’re obviously in trouble. If this trend continues, there will be no dating teams in the final three of The Amazing Race.

With their bricks complete, Hayley & Blair now must deliver them. At first, they overload their wheelbarrow and it falls over. They decide to take half of them and return for the other half.

Jenny & Jelani make their first attempt at an official dance, but they have just a few flaws. They’ll have to give it another go.

At the mosaic wall, Tyler & Laura are trying to find their clue quickly enough that they can get way ahead of Mike & Rochelle. The dating couple, of course, is hoping that they stumble.

It’s 94 degrees at the brick delivery area. Blair is struggling a little bit with the wheelbarrow, so Hayley offers to take over. She does a fine job of it, and communicates really well with him when it comes time to switch back off.

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