Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 2 Recap

It Will Be My Revenge

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 5, 2015

Best boot ever.

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Hello, good people, and welcome to Episode 2 of Survivor 30/Worlds Apart/White Collar, Blue Collar, No Collar/Longest Title Ever! After an outstanding premiere episode, I am ready to jump back to the beach and see what's happening.

Previously on Survivor, three tribes reached new beaches (well, to them anyway, not us). White Collar chose to deceive, Blue Collar fought over shelter and ate scorpions while a love triangle (well, in coconut vendor Vince's eyes anyway) has formed for the No Collars. Also, there was a sweet challenge with actual strategic decisions built into it. No Collar dominated and Blue Collar came in second; sending White Collar to Tribal. Despite absolutely tanking the puzzle portion of the challenge, Yahoo! exec Shirin was not even an option for the vote as it came down to admitted liar and corporate bully So and tough-as-nails idol-finder Carolyn. In a slight upset, Tyler and Max stuck with the weaker challenge players and voted out the untrustworthy So Kim. There are arguments to be made on either side of this decision. I'm going to stick with it being a good one as So was a chaos Kass type ready to eat the tribe from within.

Promised for tonight's episode is White Collar getting their No Collar on and running around the beach nude. And Nina's going to melt down over at No Collar over feeling left out. Is it because she's deaf? Older? Or both? Whatever the reason, the fact that Blue Collar wasn't even in the preview suggests that we won't see them at Tribal this episode. And with that, the episode is getting ready to start.


We begin at Blue Collar the day after Tribal. And right off the bat, Dan has lost his underwear. So, he's walking around with a shirt diaper. Lindsey doesn't buy it. She thinks it's Dan's way of trying to be funny and/or memorable. She says it doesn't really matter; she's just biding time 'til they go to Tribal and she can send his ass home.

We come back from break to the White Collars. They're finally getting fire on Day 4. Max tells us they've been really struggling to get the simplest of things done. While they've been struggling with camp life, they do have a great beach. Max then takes the opportunity to drop trou in homage to Richard Hatch. He tells us it's a great way to get time alone to think. Shirin can totally relate to Max, so she joins him going bottomless. Tyler is completely embarrassed by this. Joaquin seems to be a little disgusted by it. I mean, they're four days into this game. No showers. Nude Survivor does not even sound remotely fun to be a part of.

We finally check in with the No Collars. Hali and Nina are gathering wood. Hali tells us she's been trying to get to know Nina better, but it's really hard to have a conversation. We see many attempts at conversations where Nina just doesn't hear what they're saying. And here we go; Hali and Jenn are now naked in the ocean. Meanwhile, Nina is upset that she wasn't invited to swim with them. She confronts them when they get back and Jenn isn't really having any of it. She tells Nina she doesn't even try to be included. Jenn tells us that they're probably gonna have to baby Nina a little bit.

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