Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 2 Recap

It Will Be My Revenge

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 5, 2015

Best boot ever.

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Fire represents life in this game. When you're fire's gone, so are you. Jeff asks Nina about the divisions in the tribe. She says that Hali, Jenn and Joe have branched off. She feels left out by the younger people. He asks Jenn about this. She says she's never been around a deaf person before and she has compassion. But this is a game and everyone has something to deal with. Jeff asks Vince where he stands. He says that he's kind of in the middle and he's just trying to be the glue. Joe tells us that the person that needs to go home will go home.

Jenn says that it would be stupid to deny that she gets along with Joe and Hali. She says that anyone out there can see it. But right now, it's about keeping the tribe strong so they don't keep losing. They need to get rid of the weak link in challenges. Jeff asks Will if he feels some pressure based on his performance in the challenge. Will says that water is the black man's kryptonite and it got him today. He says that he talked to Nina and Vince about going three against three, but he doesn't know who to trust and if you trust wrong, your flame's gone. Vince has been playing with his gut so far and that he feels that he has a solid grasp on where people are at. Jenn is worried about being on the chopping block but it's still fun. She feels like she's still watching Probst on TV. And with that, it's time to vote.


We see Nina's vote for Jenn and Hali's vote for Vincealot. Joe votes for Nina. So the split is in effect, as long as Will sticks to the plan. And something tells me he might. Jeff will tally the votes. First vote: Jenn. Vince. Nina. Jenn. Vince. And Vince. #blindside. Vince is shocked. Joe is shocked. The ladies are shocked. Only Will knew it was coming. And THAT'S how you do it. Well played, Will. Well played. I'm not sure it's great for your long term game, but it was great for the beginning of the show. And, since Vince was legitimately one of the creepier people in the history of Survivor, I think we'll all be better off with this vote. So far, I'm okay with the first two votes. Well done, cast!

Next time on Survivor: the No Collars are out enjoying the surf, while Mike's slave driver attitude is pissing off his entire tribe. Uh oh, that doesn't bode well for my winner pick, does it?

So, after two weeks, I'm enjoying the season. A little more weird and a little more nudity than I think is really needed but overall, the season is living up to the preseason hype. Keep your eyeballs peeled for Ben Willoughby's Power Rankings next week and I'll see y'all on Thursday with the Episode 3 recap. Like the article, hate it, just want to chit chat? Hit me up on Twitter: @vannestjc! 'Til next week, take care!

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