Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 2 Recap

It Will Be My Revenge

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 5, 2015

Best boot ever.

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White Collar is done and shooting baskets. Joaquin sinks the first shot. Two for Joaquin. Joe finally gets to the end to start shooting. Blue Collar scores. Joaquin scores #3 and #4. Sierra sinks #3 for Blues. Vince cannot sink a shot to save his life and Joaquin finishes it off or White Collar! And before No Collar can even sink a shot, Blue Collar finishes it off. Joaquin and Sierra put on a clinic for Survivor basketball. Good show. On the way to break, Vince tells us that it'll get crazy between him and Joe.

We come back from break and I have no idea what we're playing. The way Will tanked the challenge, he should be the one to go. They're all bummed to have lost and no one really wants to go to Tribal. Vince and Nina are talking about how out of it Will seems. They say his exhaustion is worrisome. Remarkably, though, Vince is talking about taking out a power player in Joe. He worries that they won't win challenges, but Nina feels they should stick together - probably because she'll be the first to go, otherwise. Joe, Will and Jenn are talking and she suggests that they should vote out Vince. Joe suggests that they should probably keep the team strong and keep Vince, even though he doesn't want to.


As they talk, they figure that Nina knows she is on bottom and will be looking for an idol. Joe suggests they split the vote, just in case and then on the revote, they vote out Nina. Everyone agrees but Will tells us that he's not down with that. He can relate to Nina and doesn't want to vote her out. So he goes to Vince to tell him of the plan. He tells Vince that if the three of them vote together, they'll control the tribe. Talk turns to taking out Joe. Vince really wants to do it, but he feels it will kill the tribe and he seems to have his sights set on Jenn. I mean, after all, she refused to go steady after the first day, so she must be gone. It's as if Brandon Hantz grew two feet and started wearing feathers in his hair.

Will does his best to tell Vince that they're together. He then goes to Nina to tell her the plan is to vote out Jenn. Nina, though, is worried about Will's health. She tells him that Vince is concerned about Will's health costing them the challenge. So, all of a sudden, Will is pissed at Vince. Um, way to go Nina, you just failed at the first rule of Survivor. "If someone asks you if you're a God, you say yes." If someone tells you, Tthis is who we're voting for. Just vote for Jenn and we're all good," and you turn around and suggest someone in your alliance wants to turn on someone else in the alliance...well, you deserve what you're gonna get. Although, it's likely that Vince will pay the price tonight. One way or another, Will is the swing here and hasn't decided what he's going to do.

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