Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Power Rankings

Week 13

By Ben Willoughby

December 17, 2014


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Last episode, we saw good-natured Jon get completely blind-sided and smack his head after forgetting all about the “torch-snuffing” ritual. Lesson: you can't control other people's actions by visualizing them. So, we are left with an uninspiring final five, only one of whom has been getting the winner's edit. I can't wait for this season's finale - and not in the way the producers are hoping.

Here are the final round of power rankings for Survivor: San Juan del Sur.

1. Natalie

So Natalie ended up playing dumb about her vote for Alec. Hopefully we get to see the pay-off, with the big reveal that it was all part of her master plan to get rid of Jon. As Jaclyn points out, "I stuffed up who to vote for" is not that great to say in front of the jury.

Overall, Natalie has the strongest chance of winning. She has a place in the final four guaranteed, courtesy of her hidden immunity idol which can only be played at the next Tribal Council. She has gotten to the final episode without her Blood vs Water partner, who was voted out in the first episode, or without her main ally Jeremy, who was voted out two episodes into the merge, so there’s no suggestion of riding coat-tails.

Natalie has been involved in nearly all the voting decisions that we have seen, but doesn’t have dirty hands. Her big move was getting rid of Jon, which was a very popular choice, as he had betrayed everyone sitting on the jury bench and was seen as entitled. And she has some serious mental fortitude. The type of person who can come back from two days on Exile Island, have an emotional breakdown right before the immunity challenge and then go on to win, even though it is a “balancing a thing on another thing” challenge really, really wants to win.


2. Keith

Keith made several discoveries last week. Massages are invigorating! Spa food is just like normal food! They even have steak at spas! After 30 days in the game, he finally has an ally! After weeks of “squeaking by, squeaking by, squeaking by,” Keith has managed to land himself in a pretty good spot. It’s final five time, all of the “obvious” potential winners are sitting on the jury bench, and the jury is stacked with men who formerly had Keith in their alliance.

Keith has proven that he has strengths in the game in out-playing, by winning immunity challenges over the younger guys. (Though how many “balance this thing on this other thing for a really long time” challenges can there be in a single season? We’ve had four in the last three episodes!), and in out-lasting, by being the sole remaining member of his alliance. But it’s the absence of out-witting that will be his downfall.

How is Keith going to convince the jury that he deserves to win, when the overwhelming consensus is that Keith didn’t have any idea of what was going on? When he was the one who blew his alliance’s chances by saying “stick to the plan?” Everyone likes Keith, but I don’t think anyone really thinks he deserves to win.

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