Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Power Rankings

Week 13

By Ben Willoughby

December 17, 2014


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3. Missy

Everyone is still sucking up to Missy so hard – see Jon, with his “soon Missy will feel as young as she looks” comment. But just as telling to me is Baylor saying “I’ll carry you to the finish line if I have to,” followed by Natalie's “I’ll help you.” I bet you will, Natalie.

I get a strong vibe that no one actually likes Missy. The other castaways see her as “she who must be obeyed,” the one they all have to tread carefully around or face the consequences. Well, with Missy set to go to the end – broken ankle and all – there are no more consequences for the jury. There’s a dam of resentment that is going to break. Missy had better hope she is going to the final two against her daughter, and that the jury will not ask any questions but instead chat amicably among themselves about who should win.

4. Jaclyn

Ha ha, right after Tribal Council, Jaclyn wondered if Alec had possibly voted for himself. I’m not sure if that reflects more badly on Jaclyn for believing that could happen, or on Alec, because let’s face it - it’s entirely plausible that he thought he was voting for the winner of the game. She did piece it together later, saying that Natalie could have deliberately voted for Alec, but Jon convinced her that it was all just paranoia happening in her little mind. Jaclyn should come up with some sort of hand signal for “I told you so.” It will save her a lot of time in the years ahead.

When Jon was voted out last episode, Jaclyn’s influence over the game was voted out with him. The jury doesn’t seem very aware of the game she did play, and when they do see it as a factor, it’s not seen as a strategic choice (eg “she and Jon didn’t vote with us because they would have been first out. Good call”), but as a personal choice by Jaclyn (“she turned Jon against us because she thought we were a bunch of assholes”). Jaclyn played a team game with her partner, and I don’t see the jury voting for her over people seen to have played a more individual game, like Missy and Natalie.


5. Baylor

If there’s one thing that has repeated itself far too much this season – apart from “balance this thing on this other thing for a really long time” challenges, it’s people giving up their reward spot to whomever they want to suck up to. Jon gave up his spot for Baylor so she could have the experience of a lifetime by going to the spa with her mother – that would have been great, if she hadn’t already had the experience of a lifetime riding horses and eating brownies with her mother six days ago. This means nothing for Baylor’s chances, I’m just tired of this transparent reward sacrifice trend.

I kind of feel sorry for Baylor, because she has been damned in the game since day one. She made mistakes very early on that basically meant she has no chance of winning, and she’s been dragged along for 30 more days to be a scapegoat at the very end. I mean, you can say she’s immature and selfish, but that’s all part of being 20 years old, which she is, and playing Survivor, which she is. Her real problem is that she’s really just not very good at playing Survivor.

That completes the power rankings for this week and for the season. This has been a weird season, because there hasn’t really been anything wrong with it, but it has been pretty forgettable. I get that the fan base has dwindled over the years, but in the corner of the internet I usually visit to talk about Survivor, there have been audible crickets.

It’s a letdown, as a lot of the changes sounded pretty good on paper - bringing back the Blood vs Water concept, deciding not to bring back returning castaways. I personally could have lived without Exile Island, but something was needed to milk the Blood vs Water drama and grievance-airing, and it was a better choice than Redemption Island. Meanwhile, the production choices that were objectively bad choices – stunt-casting of Amazing Race veterans and John Rocker – were basically forgotten by week four. I think that ultimately the casting just didn’t click – just as it didn’t click on other not-so-good seasons. Sometimes that just happens. Probst had better have a big reveal for Survivor 30!

Anyway, tune in for three whole hours of Survivor tonight, including the traditional white-washing at the reunion, and then come back for David and Kim’s recaps assuming you haven’t written the season off by then.

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