Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 11

Kind of Like Cream Cheese

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 4, 2014

You'd think his spidey-senses would have been better.

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Previously on Survivor, Reed masterfully set up a somewhat gullible Jon for elimination. At Tribal Council, Keith said too much – which is very Keith. Then, Natalie spilled the beans that Jon should play his Immunity Idol, a ploy that deeply confused him. The end result was that moments later, Keith joined him in playing an idol, which led to Keith’s son Wes being eliminated from Survivor. We suspect that Thanksgiving was awkward at Keith and Wes’s house. Or maybe not, as long as there were plenty of chicken wings for Wes to eat.

At consecutive Tribal Councils, Natalie has now been betrayed by Missy and Baylor and then antagonized every guy in the alliance other than Jon, all of whom were targeting their former friend, who is simply too whipped by Jaclyn for their liking. At the moment, we’re not really sure who is less popular between Jon and Natalie. Tonight’s episode(s) should be fun.

Back at camp, Reed and Alec are demoralized. They both tell Keith straight out that his blurting out, “Stick to the plan” at Tribal Council is the reason that Wes was sent home. When even Alec realizes that Keith’s Tribal Council performance was terrible, you know that it’s really, really bad.

Over at the other (shaky) alliance, Jon is trying to say that he was totally planning to play his Immunity Idol all along and that Natalie’s advice had absolutely nothing to do with it. For her part, Natalie is annoyed, but we’d be shocked if people actually believed him. He snipes at Jaclyn as well, telling her she should never give credit to someone else for what he did, because the jury will see him as weak.


This thoroughly annoys Jaclyn, who says that without her and Natalie, Jon would have been voted out. She’s aggravated enough that she says in confessional that she can go to the final three by herself. Ben Willoughby speculated in his power rankings that Jaclyn might sacrifice Jon to further her game, and this is looking like a distinct possibility.

After the credits roll, we head straight to the Reward Challenge, which is a “How Well Do You Know Your Tribe Mates” quiz. People who get questions right will have the opportunity to chop an opponent’s rope. Three chops is enough to knock someone out. Last person left standing wins the reward, which is a horseback ride through the countryside. It concludes at a beautiful resort where a barbecue feast will be served. The winner will spend a night in luxury and comfort.

Every question involves someone who has been in the game since the merge in order to create a fair playing environment. First question is this: Who besides Natalie has a twin sibling? Everyone gets the answer right (Jeremy) other than Keith, who guesses Jax. Jeff asks him who that is, and he points to Jaclyn. What a maroon.

Natalie and Jon converse about whom to chop first, and they both go after Reed. Probst says that it’s not looking good for Reed to go on a horseback ride, and he replies, “That’s okay, my family has 12.” It’s a pretty snotty remark, actually. Alec walks up and emphatically whacks Natalie’s rope.

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