Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 11

Kind of Like Cream Cheese

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 4, 2014

You'd think his spidey-senses would have been better.

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Next up is Missy, who eliminates Reed altogether. Jaclyn is next, and she goes after Alec. So does Baylor.

Even though Reed is out of the game, he gets to whack someone’s rope. He chooses Missy. When Probst asks him why, he says, “Because she crushed my skull.” In this challenge, the third whack of the rope brings a weight down on a skull, releasing a bunch of “symbolic” blood.

Next question is: Who owns and operates their own tanning business? The answer is Julie (Rocker’s girlfriend), and they all get it correct.

Jon gives Alec’s rope a third hit, which means he’s (almost) done. Alec does get to whack someone on the way out, and he chooses Jon, naturally. Missy and Jaclyn both hit Keith, who retaliates by hitting Missy’s rope. Baylor then ends Keith’s presence in the game.

Now that we’re down to the alliance of five, they’re negotiating about who wins. Probst gets so annoyed that he asks why they’re even bothering to play out the string. He just asks them to go ahead and choose their winner. Missy is the designated Reward winner, and what happens next is a bit revealing. Jon immediately volunteers to go to Exile Island, which means that Missy has to choose two out of her three remaining allies (out of Baylor, Natalie and Jaclyn) to share the reward. Obviously she chooses Baylor, and her second choice seems pretty evident as well. Natalie will be joining the mother/daughter pair at the resort.

They’re very apologetic, and Jaclyn said that she saw it coming. Probst says something about her having to stay behind at camp with three guys who don’t like her very much, and Reed retorts, “We like her a lot.”

Baylor replies, “You like everybody, Reed.”


He says, “That’s because I’m a people person, Baylor. You’re a brat.”

Naturally, that raises Missy’s hackles. What follows is an absolutely ludicrous argument where neither Missy nor Reed comes off well, and probably seals Reed’s fate at the next Tribal Council.

Jaclyn then says, “I feel like Jon sacrificed for our alliance and I got the butt end and then the three top people just went off to go horseback riding.” She’s right. Will she do something about it?

“Them three right there are tight,” says Keith, and spits.

Reviewing the Reward Challenge, Missy had two hits and was about to be eliminated. Jon and Jaclyn could at least have made it interesting by eliminating her and then forcing Natalie and Baylor to continue to play the game. Jon was trying to show goodwill, but since they’re clearly the bottom two in the alliance of five, there wasn’t any real benefit to it. Probst seemed to think that he was shaking things up by ending the game, but it probably would have revealed a lot more if he had let it play out.

We join Jon over at Exile Island, and he’s obviously looking around for the hidden Immunity Idol. He finds it pretty easily. The plentitude of the idols is starting to be really annoying.

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