Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 11

Kind of Like Cream Cheese

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 4, 2014

You'd think his spidey-senses would have been better.

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The “top three” are enjoying their reward, and there’s not really much to talk about here. They worry briefly about Jaclyn turning on them, but mostly they seem to be celebrating their future in the Final Three.

Back at loser camp, Reed regrets fighting with Baylor, while Jaclyn talks about how annoyed she is with Missy for choosing Natalie. “Then do something about it,” we say to the television. She talks about how she and Jon are in the middle of things again, and says that she and Jon may switch to vote with the guys at the next Tribal.

When Missy, Baylor and Natalie return from their reward and they’re very worried about Jaclyn’s flirting with Alec. They’re totally outraged on Jon’s behalf (yeah, right) and wonder if she might be thinking about flipping to vote with the guys. Alec and Jaclyn talk about partying when they get back to the States. He notes that hanging out with her and being nice to her might not sway her vote, but it certainly doesn’t hurt anything. We think Jaclyn’s actually flirting with him to strike back at the other women. She’s annoyed with them and making them freak out a little makes her feel better.

Probst Returns: The Probstening. It’s time for the Immunity Challenge, and Jon is absolutely filthy as he returns from Exile Island. Who knows why.

Today’s challenge has the players trying to balance six balls in specific spots on a paddle. The first person to get all six balanced wins immunity. Early on, Jon takes a quick lead, but soon Keith has caught up to him. He actually has order to the way he’s placing his balls, and it works well for him. Jon is a bit more haphazard. Although the editing tries to make it look like Jon has a chance, Keith has won the challenge while Jon still has two to go. Everyone spit!

After the challenge, Jon had hoped to just spend a little romantic time with his girlfriend, but she wants to talk about what happened while he was off at Exile Island. She’s pretty hurt that he doesn’t seem to want to listen to her. He’s exhausted from Exile Island. Both of them are emotionally strung out, and it’s a tough situation since both of them had seen his return play out differently in their heads.

Reed comes over to talk to them, and Jon starts telling Reed that he trusts him more than anyone else right up until the point that Natalie walks up. He then says, “I don’t think I can trust you, Reed,” in a really fake voice as he winks at Reed to indicate he doesn’t mean what he’s saying. Reed is frustrated because he’s not sure whether Jaclyn even knew what was going on. She’s mad enough that she really doesn’t even want to speak to her boyfriend at the moment.


So… he runs off to talk to Missy. Jaclyn mentions that he’s kind of a momma’s boy, so Missy fills that role for him here on the island. He tells Missy that he has an idol (unless editing has led us astray, he didn’t reveal this to Jaclyn) and they sit and chat for a lengthy period. Jaclyn gets more annoyed and bitches about it to Natalie and Baylor, who worry that the couple may not vote as a block, making Tribal more unpredictable.

Jon tries to apologize to Jaclyn, but she walks away. In confessional, Jon says that it’s almost time for Tribal and it’s the worst time for Jaclyn to refuse to speak to him. Five hours pass and he finally approaches her again. She’s still pouting and flirting with Alec.

Finally, she decides it’s time to talk, and Jon isn’t having it. Now it’s his turn to pout. Reed worries that he’s about to be eliminated because the two of them are fighting before Tribal Council. He’s probably right.

Probst quizzes them at Tribal Council and we rehash the whole thing again. It’s pretty uncomfortable for everyone surrounding them, and Reed comments that it’s tough for everyone to play the game when they’re fighting. His argument continues to be that Jon and Jaclyn are clearly at the bottom of the alliance of five. Missy calls B.S., saying that Alec is trying to flirt with Jaclyn in order to earn her vote.

There’s nothing so awesome as Keith’s blunder last week, and no one plays a hidden Immunity Idol. Reed receives five votes, and Missy receives the other three. At least he’ll get to be at Ponderosa with his boyfriend.

This episode closes out with Probst talking about how Blood vs. Water is so challenging because personal relationships between the couples/families can enter into the game in really volatile ways. Jon and Jaclyn both say, “I love you,” and we move on to the second hour of the extra long episode.

Check back on Friday for the recap of part two.

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