Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 10

This Is Where We Build Trust

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 27, 2014

Aw, dad.

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What happens next is one of the most exciting Tribal Councils in the history of the game. Events begin innocently enough with Jeremy glaring at Jon and Missy, the latter of whom gulps with shame. The players debate their status in the game, with Jaclyn mentioning that she thinks she’s in the power five, but she’s not 100% sure. Probst tries to talk about the idol, which leads to a couple of glib replies.

Then, Keith figuratively pulls out a pin from a grenade and rolls it in front of his fellow tribe mates. He leans forward and emphatically states, “I say stick to the plan.” At this moment, there is no true way of knowing what the plan was. Suffice to say that the tenuous situation is shaken like an Etch-a-Sketch. People stop paying any attention to the conversation between Probst and whoever is speaking at the moment. Instead, they start negotiating about whom they will eliminate. Jon is clearly the target of multiple people, yet he is blissfully unaware of this fact as Reed and Natalie negotiate Jon’s potential elimination.

Natalie asks Jaclyn whether she trusts Reed, and she bluntly says, “No.” Jaclyn says, “Just keep the same, we’ll go with you guys.” At this moment, Jon overrules her. He doesn’t realize it, but what he is doing is working against him.

Reed tries to persuade Natalie, but after being burned last week, the twin demonstrates impressive tenacity.

“You know when you’re at, um, like a fair and you’re looking in those distorted mirrors? Okay, well I feel like all three of them are jumbled up and I’m really fat, really skinny, and like this [making a wavy hand motion] right now. And I think everybody might feel like that.” – Baylor, making one of the best analogies we’ve seen on Survivor and semi-justifying her presence this season.

After the votes are cast, Natalie rubs her forehead in frustration and eventually embarks upon a course of action. “Dude, play your idol,” she whispers to Jon. He isn’t sure about this, but should be noticing that Reed is doing everything except say, “Shut the eff up, Natalie!”


After a few moments of contemplation, Jon correctly decides that playing his idol is a smart move. This has the ripple effect of causing Keith to ask Wes for their idol. Keith offers it to Wes, understanding that both of them are in jeopardy now. Like a good son, Wes politely refuses.

The votes are revealed. The first seven go to Jon and Keith, who cannot be eliminated. Jaclyn nods her head with satisfaction at Jon’s risky decision to play his idol. We note that she has the same look that Cersei has when someone badmouths Joffrey, though. No matter what happens next, Reed is going to suffer for this at a later date.

Jon is having the time of his life, while Reed looks like they just killed Josh in front of him… which we suppose actually kind of happened.

Wes and Keith both know what will happen next. Keith has a look on his face that shows he regrets not pushing his son to take the idol. This is in direct contrast to Dale and Kelley from earlier in the season, as he irritated us by actually rooting against her in a challenge. The final two votes are revealed. In the end, Jon and Jaclyn once again determine who is voted out of the game, as their votes go to Wes, who is accidentally eliminated by his father’s big mouth.

Jon taps Reed on the leg and says, “You sly dog, you.” Reed awkwardly fakes a smile and says, “Good job,” knowing all too well that his assassination attempt has just failed and the police will be arriving at any moment.

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