Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 10

This Is Where We Build Trust

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 27, 2014

Aw, dad.

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The teams are chosen schoolyard style again, and we have Reed, Jon, Jaclyn and Alec versus Missy, Natalie, Baylor and Wes. Keith is sitting out. We honestly have no idea who did the choosing on the Missy side, because four of the strongest five players wind up playing for the opposing team. On paper, this is a horrible mismatch.

All we need to really say is that we are surprised how close it is during the physical portion of the challenge. Missy’s team actually develops a lead thanks to the strong swimming of Wes. Eventually, the power and athleticism of Jon’s team negates this early advantage and they win the swimming phase by about a quarter of a leg.

The puzzle phase is pure domination. Missy cannot even find the right key for the lock. Natalie has to tell her to calm down, and you know how well people do when they’re already panicking. They can’t even get to their first piece by the time that Jon’s team wins. A frustrated Keith spits once again, which he always does when he’s annoyed with stupid people. In his mind, he keeps giving them great advice, but they just won’t listen.

After the loss, Baylor is devastated because Missy hasn’t been on a reward yet. Reed offers to give up his spot on the reward so that Missy can get something to eat. Really, he’s giving up his spot so that he can spend a little time with Natalie to see if she can be swayed to vote with the guys. Reed is moving to the front of the list for top Survivor players this season. We’re totally gonna get his Washington Generals jersey.

Wes is sent to Exile Island, which makes Keith spit again.

When the Survivors arrive for the reward, the kids are all so excited. It’s a pretty tender moment, and Missy in particular seems to be appreciating the chance to interact with the children. Jon talks about how he wants to be a dad someday, and notes that he and Jaclyn would be looking to adopt someday since she is unable to have children herself. It’s a really lovely moment all around.


Back at loser camp, Reed wants to get Keith by himself for a discussion.

“Sometimes I don’t know if Keith quite understands exactly the intricacies of how this game is played,” he says.

Reed’s hope is that the majority alliance will try to split the vote between Wes and Keith, allowing them to have their four votes for Jon determine who goes home tonight.

While the men are away, Natalie and Baylor are searching for a hidden idol. Both of them have seen clues at Exile Island, so they figure one has to be there somewhere. And… they find one.

Dear Survivor Producers: If one-third of the remaining Survivor players have a hidden Immunity Idol, you have too many idols.

Natalie and Baylor talk strategy. We pound our fists against our head in frustration. Reed has just done a ton of strategizing in order to vote Jon out. Natalie has just done a ton of strategizing in order to vote Jon out. If everyone would just talk to each other about who they want voted out tonight, Jon wouldn’t stand a chance.

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