Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 10

This Is Where We Build Trust

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 27, 2014

Aw, dad.

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And we’re moving right along to the Immunity Challenge. It’s a simple balance challenge that is complicated by the fact that Probst is offering them food to tempt them. Demonstrating how much he understands his position in the game, Jon steps down in order to eat some candy. Keith takes this opportunity to emasculate Jon about what a wuss he is. If Jon is this big of a threat, why does no one like him?

Missy is next to step down, and it’s not even in exchange for food. She misses out, but Jeff offers chocolate cookies, which causes Baylor and Jaclyn to leave a cloud of dust in their wake.

At the 45-minute mark, he brings out beer and chicken wings, which is enough to convince Wes to jump down. We can’t wait for the next round of burping.

Keith takes this opportunity to point out to Natalie that her allies are sitting over on the benches enjoying various delicacies. Meanwhile, Natalie is drenched in sweat, and it should be noted that these people voted off her primary ally last Tribal Council.

Probst asks Keith why Wes would go ahead and jump off the platform for chicken, and Keith says it must have been a food weakness and they’ll have a heart to heart later.

For his part, Wes says, “I ate 58 chicken nuggets in five minutes and won an eatin’ contest once. What what?” We’d like to say that we hope to keep peeling back the onion on Wes, but…


Time eventually takes its toll on Keith’s body, and he has to step down when his body starts shaking uncontrollably. Alec’s feet are an unnatural, alarming shade of red, and he quits, too.

Natalie tries to pull a Keith and spit, but it only winds up on her breasts. “Ew,” she says. Jon and Jaclyn wake up from their nap to see what’s going on (we’re not exaggerating). The other players are so bored that they discuss an episode of Two and a Half Men.

Natalie asks Jeff if there isn’t any more food coming out, which makes him incredulous. He cannot believe she will cede immunity in exchange for food. Not wanting to pass this opportunity to see what happens next, he tries to entice her with a plate of pizza, chicken wings, a cookie, a glass of water, and beer. In a weird change of pace for Probst, he actually tries to convince her to stay in the challenge. She says that it’s been three hours, so she might as well get some food. Notably, none of her “allies” concurs.

Natalie eats her dinner and Reed does the splits. Probst can’t take his hands off of him. We’re not sure how much of that is Reed showing how limber he is versus him finding the only way to be comfortable after the long challenge.

After two episodes of the strongest player being voted out, the producers work overtime to convince us that everyone wants Jon gone and they’re manipulating the vote to achieve this. The problem is that Jon doesn’t believe that Alec and Reed will vote for Wes and Keith as they indicate. He states that he is not going to play his idol and Keith says the same thing, although we’re dubious about him. The potential here is for the split votes and the played idols to lead to a person being eliminated with only a couple of votes…probably Wes.

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