Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 5

Blood Is Blood

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 23, 2014

Kelley and three people who instantly disliked her father.

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Previously on Survivor, Drew threw an Immunity Challenge in order to orchestrate his own elimination from the game. We are not even exaggerating. This really happened, and the entire time it did, he swore he was the mastermind the other players feared. In fact, he said that after he got voted off. Stating the obvious, Drew is an extremely bad Survivor player.

As Hunahpu returns from Tribal Council, Jon is trying to do some damage control since Drew was one of his closest allies. Realizing that his position might be a lot more precarious than he had realized, Jon tells the others about how Drew had crazily insisted, “If you’re not with me, you’re against me.” He tells them that if they had informed him of the Drew vote, he absolutely would have voted with them.

Of course, Jeremy sees right through this little speech, and although he lets Jon speak his piece, the firefighter is realizing that he’s in the driver’s seat. Or at least he presumes that’s the case. Usually, people who start thinking this sort of thing are due for a serious fall.

We visit Koyopa for a few moments, and they are teased with a clue that asks them if they’re tired of trekking to the challenge areas and battling their loved ones, then ends by telling them they’re about to have to do it again.

A funny aside takes place when Alec says that he just doesn’t believe Hunahpu would vote Drew out first because they realize they need him for challenges. Did Alec watch his brother in the last challenge? Obviously not.

Anyway, it’s Probst time. To say that Alec and his tribe members are surprised to see that Drew is gone is an understatement.


“I mean, I don’t get it. I think Drew was one of the best players they had over there.”

That family is hysterical.

If the players were surprised by Drew’s ouster, they’re even more flabbergasted when Probst tells them to drop their buffs. It’s time for a tribe shakeup, which is pretty great since the discussion was just hinging around the fact that the Survivors have no idea what’s going on with the dynamics in the opposing tribe.

The composition of the new groups is pretty interesting. Koyopa has three pairs of loved ones – father/daughter Dale & Kelley, mother/daughter Missy & Baylor, and boyfriend/girlfriend Jaclyn & Jon. The lone player without a loved one is firefighter Keith. He’s probably in some trouble, though at least he’s away from Jeremy, who was definitely angling to eliminate him. Also, he has an idol.

It’s the opposite situation for Hunahpu, which has just one pair of loved ones in Josh & Reed. The remainder of the tribe is Wes, Alec, Jeremy, Julie and Natalie. This is an interesting turn of events as Josh was closely aligned with Wes and to a lesser degree Alec. If we presume that Reed is tight with Jeremy, that gives them a significant alliance right off the bat and gives us hope that maybe Natalie is going home tonight. Of course, the fact that Josh is part of a couple could be tough for him, as on Survivor the players generally like to break apart people who are in a relationship.

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