Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 5

Blood Is Blood

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 23, 2014

Kelley and three people who instantly disliked her father.

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So, there’s no challenge. Instead the tribes are sent back home to explore their new dynamic. When Josh and Wes arrive at Hunahpu, they realize that not only is their shelter space smaller, but also that there is almost no food left. They’d been rationing their rice and supplies pretty carefully at their old tribe, so Wes thinks that these Koyopa people are pretty much idiots. Josh obviously can’t say that because his boyfriend is one of those idiots.

Meanwhile, Jeremy is freaked out about his position in the tribe. He worries that these new potential alpha males are going to look at him as a target right off the bat. Josh immediately talks about how excited he is to be able to play with Reed, who gave him the courage to come out as gay to his minister father and the rest of his family. The couple is demonstrating their serious commitment to one another by remaining abstinent until they get married. It’s probably TMI, really. But Josh is super happy and at least we’re not going to be bored tonight.

Over at Coyopa, the idiots from the old Hunahpu tribe who had hogged all the food are thrilled to see that the Coyopa tribe has plenty of stuff left over. Jon and Jaclyn discuss strategy in between canoodling. The PDA annoys Baylor, who is single and more than a little jealous. She does have a funny comment about her mother, Missy, who has been married and divorced three times. “My time will come, and my mom’s… next time will come.”

Back to Hunahpu, and Alec is thrilled that he outlasted his brother. Jeremy and Natalie are scheming about pulling him over to their side. Natalie approaches him and makes a play, but he just shrugs. He’s pretty silent when Jeremy chats with him next to the fire, too. Jeremy says, “He’s just like his brother,” meaning that he’s easy to read and manipulate, and while that does seem true, our sense is that he’d rather be led by Josh than two people who just voted out his brother.


Food is now becoming an issue over at Koyopa, because Dale has been wisely monitoring their portions up to now. Missy just doesn’t think it’s enough, so she cooks up a ton of rice. Baylor tells her mother that Dale has been mean to her, which adds to the tension. Kelley is trying to reel her dad in, because she worries that his getting into a fight with Missy will make him the target of the next vote. Or worse, Kelley herself could be the collateral damage.

Speaking of food being an issue, Hunahpu is pretty much just laying around because they’re hungry and completely out of energy. They basically have a few scoops of food left and it’s just not enough to sustain them.

And… whoa! Reed speaks! We weren’t sure he could do that. He talks about how the food situation is pretty dire. They’ve got to figure out some way to acquire some food. Too bad Drew isn’t around to play Let’s Make a Deal with Probst. Maybe Alec can step in!

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