Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 5

Blood Is Blood

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 23, 2014

Kelley and three people who instantly disliked her father.

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Keith is an island unto himself, and he’s probably relieved to hear so many other names up for consideration. He seems to be allied with Missy and Baylor, so this may be the way the wind is blowing. Angry Dad could be headed to Ponderosa.

At Tribal Council, Keith says that he doesn’t believe it’s him even though he is the only singleton in the group. Probst points out that even if they do vote out Keith tonight, at some point two couples will have to gang up on another one. Jaclyn acknowledges this to be true, and also notes that you still have to maintain relationships with the lone person remaining if you do vote out part of a couple. Jon says that he is looking to go with a couple he can trust. The Dale/Baylor rift widens as they argue a little bit about past votes.

The happiest person in the tribe is probably Jaclyn, who had a pretty good chance of being voted out of her tribe in its old configuration. The unhappiest may be Kelley, who calls her father’s baggage a “50 pound backpack” that is dragging her down.

There’s more arguing amongst the mother/daughter and father/daughter teams. It’s generally unpleasant, and is capped off with a warning from Dale that no matter who you vote out, you have to be at camp with that person’s loved one and it will not be fun.


Jeff asks for the idol, and Keith doesn’t play it. (People do look at Kelley as if to see if she has one to play. Uh oh. Fifty pound backpack, indeed.) When Probst reads the votes, they go to Baylor, Kelley, Baylor, Kelley, Dale, Dale and Kelley. The votes were split between the two in case of an idol.

For her part, Kelley is barely even able to hug her dad. He is truly responsible for her elimination. What’s probably worse is that he seems happy he wasn’t eliminated. If Rocker, Nadiya and Natalie hadn’t been on this season, Dale probably would have emerged as the guy everyone hates. In her closing remarks, Kelley says that she regrets being separated from her old tribe, because the enemies her father had made were just too much to overcome.

Next week, Dale breaks out his fake idol, while Probst tells the Hunahpu tribe that they will have to pay a steep price for food. Since they have nothing, we wonder what it might be. The only thing we can figure is that they may be forced to go to Tribal Council. Should be interesting.

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