Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 2

Method to This Madness

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 2, 2014

She isn't quite sure about the bandana.

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And just like that, Probst returns. You’ve got to pack a lot of stuff in a little time, and it does seem to help the pacing of the show. Today’s challenge will pit the contestants against each other in individual Sumo matches. The person to get pushed off the platform loses the point for their team. First team to five wins.

Kelley and Jaclyn are first to do battle. It’s a pretty quick match. Jaclyn takes advantage of her height and size to knock Kelley off and score a point for Coyopa. Next up are brothers Alec and Drew as Survivor attempts to remind us of the Vytas/Aras feud. They’re a little more competitive, but Drew beats up on his little brother and the tribes are tied at 1-1.

It’s a vicious beginning for Jeremy, who goes hard after Wes, but the Louisiana fireman is able to hold on for Coyopa and get the point. Natalie, who is probably mad about the whole Nadiya thing, comes out strong and knocks Val to the ground, but Val fights back hard. It’s a really close match and it looks like Natalie might give up, but she eventually pushes Val into the water. Still, Val’s toughness is duly noted.

Now we have Jon versus John or Football versus Baseball. Surprisingly, Football is smaller than Baseball, though. It’s similar to a football drill, so Jon(ny Football) theoretically should have the advantage. Jon goes straight at him with his head and it looks as violent as anything you might see in the NFL. The football player uses Rocker’s weight against him and is eventually able to slowly push the deposed closer over the side of the platform. Jon. Scores. For. Hunahpu! The score is now 3-2 and we think we’ve identified Probst’s new dude crush. Rocker comes away with blood on his nose.


Mom Missy is taking on daughter Baylor, and they both say that they’re envisioning one of Missy’s exes as inspiration for the fight. Missy probably goes too hard at Baylor and splits her lip right in half. We wonder if she is spitting out a tooth, but it’s “only” a busted lip. Obviously, Missy feels awful and doesn’t even put forth an effort from this point forward. Baylor knocks her mom in and scores the point for Coyopa.

Yet another Blood battle takes place when Reed and Josh take the stage. Drew yells, “Go, Josh!” and Jon tells him, “It’s Reed that’s on our team.” Reed pushes his boyfriend in, setting up a match between old guys Keith and Dale. The latter guy knocks the firefighter in the water and there is a final tiebreaker match between Kelley and Jaclyn. The larger woman dominated in their first match, so this seems a little unfair.

Dale isn’t even able to watch his daughter Kelley, and reveals that it’s her birthday, but he’s still rooting for teammate Jaclyn. That’s… uncool. We suppose she stews on that a little bit and completely knocks Jaclyn off the platform. Hunahpu. Wins. Immunity! Again!

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