Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 2

Method to This Madness

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 2, 2014

She isn't quite sure about the bandana.

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As we’re jokingly chanting in our head, “Rocker just lost to a girl!” he is angrily saying, “I just got beat by a girl". He’s legitimately angry. We’re thinking it won’t be long before he says something that makes the rounds on the social networks.

When Julie is asked to choose one person from her team to accompany John to Exile Island, she hems and haws about how Jeremy has already suffered so much, so… she’s sending him. Uh, okay. This must be something like Josh’s reasoning that if he votes for you, it solidifies your alliance. Anyway, sending her racist boyfriend to be alone with a black man seems like a super idea. Maybe she secretly hates Rocker.

When Probst calls the Hunahpu tribe up to claim their reward, Reed asks if they can trade the beans from their reward for the flint. Probst sneeringly tells them that the deal they offered is pathetic, particularly because they waited to see if they won the Reward Challenge before even making it. He also works in the snide comment, “My life is fine,” which makes us realize that at some point, Probst stopped hero worshipping Russell Hantz and instead became Russell Hantz. He eventually bullies them into giving up all their fishing gear – the entire reward – for a new flint. Jon is not going to be popular at camp.

Back at camp, Natalie is lamenting the absence of her sister. It would probably be really sad if we listened to anything they had to say.


With John Rocker away from camp, his male teammates are all figuring out who he is. Dale notes that he was essentially run out of baseball for being an asshole, and Josh comments in confessional that he doesn’t care so much what Rocker’s offensive views are as long as they can work together. This is actually the right approach to take, because A) Rocker is a physical asset for Immunity Challenges and B) he’s not a bad guy to drag along with you as an ally because he’s bound to piss other people off.

Over at Exile Island, Jeremy’s quote pretty much covers exactly how we feel about this season of Survivor. “The icing on top is now I’m stuck out here with John Rocker. I know who he is. He used to pitch for the Braves and everything.” We do think it’s fascinating that we live in an era where John Rocker can’t be placed on an island with 17 strangers without them knowing who he is and reviling him for things he’s said and done in the past. Karma should get frequent flyer mileage for this.

The guys are instructed to choose an urn just as the last visitors to Exile Island were, and Karma strikes again. Rocker gets the blank note, while Jeremy gets the clue to the Immunity Idol. He and his wife both are in possession of clues.

Let’s just say that Jeremy is very, very aware of Rocker’s racist history. But at the same time, he knows how critical Rocker is to his wife’s ability to remain on Survivor and not be voted out. So he figures (with a heavy sigh) that he’ll suck it up and buddy up to the guy. Between Josh and Jeremy, we’re seeing solid game play in that both men realize that emotion can be counter-productive in the game of Survivor. They’re instantly 100% better than last season’s contestants.

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