Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 2

Method to This Madness

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 2, 2014

She isn't quite sure about the bandana.

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As the show begins, Josh explains his reasoning for having voted for Baylor at Tribal Council. Apparently, in some weird game move, he thought that voting for her would solidify their alliance even more. When he tells her this, she is justifiably skeptical. She figures that sure, it’s good for their alliance, but it’s easy for him to talk about this great strategy when it isn’t his ass on the line. She would be completely within her rights to ask him if she could write his name down a couple of times for similar reasons. Poor Baylor. It’s never easy learning that you’re the patsy.

Over at Hunahpu, a bunch of the guys are doing stuff like pushups and muscle exhibition and stretching a leg up to an ear like the most flexible Rockette. Jon was apparently second in the world in Tae Kwon Do four years in a row or something. We googled this claim, and apparently he has had a black belt since at least 2007. We just assumed he was making stuff up like Dirty Cop last year.

Anyway, Jeremy notes that all this testosterone is alienating the women. Then, we see the remaining Anderson twin, who we presume is alienating everyone else just by breathing. We also think that once the season’s over, Jon and Drew should fight crime as The Model and The Black Belt.

Bad news, everyone at Hunahpu! Your flint is missing! Is the flint covered in butter this year or something? Jon admits that he set it down somewhere close to the fire, so it might be his fault that it’s gone. He figures that when you make a mistake, you admit it. His teammates don’t react particularly positively to this revelation, and Jon seems shocked by this turn of events for some reason. He blithely asks, “Do you need flint to start a fire?” Keith’s terse and extremely Southern reply: “It heeeeelps.”


It’s already Probst time (Survivor wants us to tweet him @JeffProbst, but we’re probably not going to do that). As the Survivors walk in, Natalie realizes that her sister is gone. For once, she’s speechless. She breaks down in tears and says that it’s the first time she’s cried in more than a decade. Jeff continues to rub salt in the wound by questioning her about it, but she doesn’t have much to say. We appreciate the good people over at Coyopa tribe even more.

The Reward Challenge will reward the winning team with fishing equipment, and Probst calls for a couple of people from each team to play Rock, Paper, Scissors. John Rocker plays the most competitive, intense game of roshambo ever, and he’s so thrilled to win that he doesn’t even care that his opponent will be his girlfriend. Never mind that he’s totally screwing her over. As long as he’s a winner! We wonder which episode will be the one where they break up.

Whichever of John and Julie wins the challenge takes the reward for their tribe. Loser goes to Exile Island. It’s a challenge that requires some dexterity and balance, and Rocker is immediately struggling with the balance portion. He is assuredly regretting jumping up and taking the lead for his team, because he is simply too tall for most of the obstacles. He’s still working the first part of the challenge when Julie gets through and is to the Skeeball portion of the game. She breezes through pretty easily and oh, happy day. Rocker has lost the challenge.

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