Survivor: Cagayan Episode 2

Cops R Us

March 6, 2014

We'll miss his crazy outfits.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to the BOP Survivor Recaps. Despite the heaping pile of stupid we all witnessed last week, I am back hoping for some better game play on this week's episode of Survivor: Cagayan.

To recap last week, we started with three tribes, Beauty, Brains and Brawn. Beauty - yes. Brawn - definitely. Brains - not so much! Last week had two horrible challenge performances, one hidden idol found and one broken down shelter, along with two Tribal Councils, one empty pot of rice, no side conversations and one of the worst Tribal Council performances in the history of the show - all on the Brains tribe! Aside from that, we have the beginning of a power alliance on Beauty and another idol and a #spyshack on Brawn.

Previews for this week (and our episode title) seem to suggest that the two cops on the Brawn tribe (Tony and Sarah) might do some bonding over their occupations. And I really hope they call their alliance Cops R Us and it's not just the Producers doing the call back to Phillip Sheppard. Also, the Cagayan forecast calls for torrential downpours and plenty of them. You have to wonder about the toughness at the Beauty and Brains camp - especially Brains, where morale has to be at an all-time Survivor low. I mean, it's not every season that we get to talk about (quite possibly) the worst tribe in the 14 year history of the show. And, oh by the way, what the hell are they gonna do for food now? I'm tired of waiting, let's get to the action!


We begin after Tribal at the Brains camp. Spencer congratulates the girls on the move and tells us that Garrett was so bad at the game; they kept the chick that threw out their food over him. Sasha confirmed for Spencer that if Garrett had just allowed conversations, J'Tia would have gone home. Sasha tells us that she plans to get the girls together to dump Spencer. Kass tells us that she didn't know who to vote for at Tribal and decided that she didn't want to play with Garrett and that J'Tia might now be loyal. Yeah, right!

Over at Brawn, Tony is telling us that he's all alone in the game. While everyone sleeps, Sarah and Tony are sitting around the fire and he confesses that he's a cop. She tells him they're good. Sarah tells us that she always trusts cop-dar. And just like that Cops R Us is born (#copsrus). And what better way to cement your newly found alliance? How about a lie? Tony tells Sarah that Cliff and Lindsay want to get her out, which, of course, they never said. He tells her it's basically them against the world, and for now, she believes it. Cue the Torrential downpours fill the rest of the night and it starts to take its toll on everyone. Trish is doing her best to keep the fire going, but it looks like a losing battle to me. We head to the credits with Tony saying that the sun will come out in the morning.

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