Survivor: Cagayan Episode 2

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March 6, 2014

We'll miss his crazy outfits.

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The first person has to actually toss the bucket of water. The next person also has to toss the bucket. Then the third just tosses the water. A couple minutes in and Beauty is winning, Brawn in second and the Brains tribe in third ("as usual", says Probst). Tasha and J'Tia are having issues communicating and Brains are falling out of this one. Beauty tribe is the first to finish with the water and start on the maze. Brawn then drops their bucket and begins working on the maze. Beauty has a huge lead at this point, but Brawn is trying to catch up. Two people have to work together on the maze, which makes it a bit of a challenge. Brawn has now caught up with Beauty. Brains finally gets to the maze right about the same time Brawn finishes it. Brawn wins immunity and comfort. Kass and Spencer are working the maze for Brains and they're actually catching up with Beauty. Jeremiah and LJ have lost it on the maze and just like that, Brains wins immunity and a tarp! LJ and Jeremiah took a massive lead into the maze portion of the challenge and they let it slip away to both of the other teams. I wonder if that will affect the vote tonight. Hmmmm...

We come back from break to a celebratory Brawn tribe. They are thrilled with all of the gear they brought back. Sarah tells us that they work well together and know how to stay calm under pressure. Tony is right away looking for a hidden idol clue. And whadaya know, there was a clue in the hammock. He secures the clue to make sure that no one else has any information on the hidden idol but him.


We're back at Beauty and it's time to play, "It's anyone don't know." Alexis tells us that they're a mess after the storm, the challenge and now Tribal Council. LJ decides to ask the tribe is anyone wants to go home. Of course not. He then tells us that he, Jeremiah, Alexis and Jefra are all of the same mind and that Brice needs to be the vote. LJ feels he's the more dangerous player. Brice tells us that he has his trust in Jeremiah. He asks Jeremiah if LJ said anything and Jeremiah denies it. Brice tells Jeremiah that Alexis is the vote. Morgan tells us that Jeremiah is with her and Brice and that they need to get Jefra to flip with them and vote out Alexis. Jefra suggests LJ as the vote, but Morgan thinks they need him for the challenge. Jefra tells us that she has no idea who Jeremiah is with. Both alliances seem to think he's with them. So Jefra goes to Jeremiah and he tells her he is not with Brice and Morgan, he's with her. He tells us that he is just stuck between these two alliances.

We come back to Beauty and Alexis is suggesting that they should split the vote to try to see if there's an idol. So, what she's suggesting is that they force a three-way tie. Boys are voting Morgan, girls voting for Brice. Jeremiah tells us that if this actually happens, he'll be in a good place to split off his vote and take out Alexis, though he hasn't totally decided what he's going to do. He's worried the most about whose trust he's going to lose when he finally makes his decision.

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