Survivor: Cagayan Episode 2

Cops R Us

March 6, 2014

We'll miss his crazy outfits.

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Yeah, not exactly. We come back from break and the wind and rain are still at it the next day. Tony's still out gathering fronds trying to keep the shelter from being destroyed. Woo seems to be enjoying his Survivor experience, despite being cold, wet and windy. Lindsay is taking the weather very hard, which doesn't bother Sarah at all. So, with Tony's comments echoing in her ear, she's getting more and more upset so she confirms with Tony what happened. He says that they were talking about getting out Trish but changed to Sarah because she's smart. Sarah tells us how she trusts Tony 110%. This is a bummer because in a little more than two hours, Sarah is my favorite person in the game and it would seem she's got a bad fall coming.

Finally, we check in with Beauty. They're also quite downtrodden. Jefra seems on the verge of breaking down. She tells us, through tears, that life is horrible right now with no fire, food or sleep. LJ tells us that with all of Jefra's complaining, it's only a matter of time before he and Jeremiah have to work on the shelter. He's very irritated that the girls are just useless, but he knows better than to tell anyone but us. Rather than sitting around in the shelter through the storm, LJ decides to head over to the rocks Morgan came from on the very first day. He says she had no reason to be there, so maybe she had an idol clue. And sure enough, he followed the less-than-clever Survivor cameraman right to the hidden idol. That makes three. All idols have been found. (Of course, Garrett's could be anywhere.)


We come back from break to the Brains tribe. The rains have finally stopped on Day 8 (#awesomecrab). Spencer and Kass are checking tree mail and it comes in the form of a little Buddha. The clue tells them that the challenge involves tossing buckets of water and that the winner gets immunity and something to make their shelter drier. As they prepare for the challenge, J'Tia asks how much rice they're going to cook. Tasha tells us that she has a lot of nerve asking about how much rice to cook after pouring out 95% of the rice. She suggests that the tribe practice for the challenge. Kass wants to mess around in the shelter and Spencer says he's dehydrated. Tasha tells him that of all people, he should want to practice. Eventually, Spencer and Tasha head to the ocean with coconut shells to practice tossing water to each other. Kass finally joins them as does J'Tia. Their practice takes us up to a...

Probst Sighting! The other tribes are blown away to see Garrett was the one voted out. Today's challenge will have them getting water from the ocean and passing it from tribe mate to tribe mate. Once their bucket is full, it'll release a metal ball. That ball will then be used to work through a vertical maze. Winner gets immunity and a tarp, mosquito net, blankets and pillows. Second place team gets immunity and a tarp. Brawn tribe sits out Tony and Lindsay. Beauty sits out Jefra and Alexis. Survivors ready?

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