Survivor: Cagayan Episode 1 - Part 1

Hot Girl With a Grudge

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

February 27, 2014

Hey, look! It's the guy we will have all forgotten by the finale!

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We come back from break to see who is going home from the Brains. They're sitting around in the water discussing how they need to stop underestimating the other tribes. Kass tells David that their challenge performance mirrors the way they have behaved since they got there. David tells Kass that it's between J'Tia and Garrett as who to vote for. Kass refuses to think about Garrett. She wants J'Tia gone for harmony reasons and because Garrett is a work horse. David is thinking about Day 39 WAAAAYYY too early. J'Tia asks Kass what she's thinking. Kass tells her that she's thinking about her as she hasn't done anything around camp. Kass basically tells her it’s time to scramble. J'Tia is very upset to hear that her neck is on the line. She asks Tasha what she thinks. Tasha tells her that she's coming across as bossy and it probably rubbed people the wrong way. Garrett tells J'Tia that he isn't voting against her and suggests that David should be the one to go. Garrett confirms the David vote with J'Tia and Tasha. He goes to gather Spencer's vote. Spencer asks Garrett is he knows anything about an idol or clue. He's worried that David might have an idol as they haven't heard anything about one so far. Garrett plays it pretty well by not admitting that he has an idol. Spencer figures they should just go with J'Tia to be safe. Garrett worries that he only has three votes, so he's not sure what the plan will be at Tribal.

Welcome to Tribal Council. Dip your torch in and get fire. This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council. Fire represents your life in this game; once your fire is gone, so are you. I’m SO glad to hear those words. As they sit down, Garrett jumps up because of a big spider. Jeff pokes a little fun and we get to business. J'Tia jumps right out to tell Jeff that they're considering her for the vote. She tells him what Kass told her. She admits to being bossy and that her shelter sucked. David tells Jeff that he was expecting more from her, but it didn't go how he expected. Jeff asks David about choosing Garrett as the "weakest" person. He never really does answer the question. Garrett didn't like being cast as the outsider. David tells Jeff that Garrett is safe and not going anywhere. J'Tia would hate to be the first one voted out. She feels that David is playing the end game too soon. Since she doesn't want to be voted out, she says David should be voted out. Spencer says that they have to vote to keep the tribe strongest and vote with who you trust.


We see David's vote for J'Tia saying he might hire her in the real world, but not in the Survivor world. We see no other votes. And for the first time this season, Jeff is tallying the votes. First vote, J'Tia. Second vote, David. Third, J'Tia. Fourth, David. Fifth vote, David. And the first person voted out of Survivor Cagayan, David. Much like his Marlins, David finishes up in last place. The tribe is given flint, so they'll have fire when they get back to camp.

Since this two-hour episode is actually broken down into two episodes, this is a good place to break this into two articles. The title of this episode, which is "Hot Girl with a Grudge," tells me we might be spending some time with the Beauty Tribe in the second half of this episode. Keep your eyes out for that recap on Friday. Until then, thanks for reading and take care!

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