Survivor: Cagayan Episode 1 - Part 1

Hot Girl With a Grudge

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

February 27, 2014

Hey, look! It's the guy we will have all forgotten by the finale!

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Sarah tells us that as a cop, she's pretty sure that Tony is a cop... which he is. So she asks him and he tells her that he's in construction...but he knows a lot of cops. (Really?) She admits to him she's a cop and he keeps up the charade that he's not. Sarah doesn't believe him and has already made him the first target.

We join the Brain tribe as they arrive at camp. Spencer tells us that he thinks David was crazy for choosing the biggest, strongest person to almost vote out. They will need this guy if they want to win challenges. Right away they ask him what decision he had to make. He tells his tribe he found the water source and the waterfall. J'Tia in her “I heart Nerds” shirt tells them she knows how to make a shelter. She has a plan and she intends to tell everyone what to do to build it. She also tells us she's probably the smartest one there. Tasha finds J'Tia to be quite bossy and is not appreciative of how she's going about business. Spencer tells us that she has the decisiveness and bossiness of a leader, but not the brains of a leader. Kass also doesn't like J'Tia's attitude. She talks to David about it and he tells us that he's annoyed with her as well. He says he's fine to just let her dig her own grave.

No one seems to think her shelter is very good, so to test it out Tasha sits down and the whole thing falls apart. "Not so smart for the brains tribe." Thanks, Kass. You said it for me.


We come back from break to a... wait for it... Probst Sighting!!! Our first challenge! Woo hoo! And it's for immunity. Each tribe will be maneuvering a cart through an obstacle course collecting chests full of puzzle pieces. Once they have all their chests, they'll disassemble the cart and pass it through another obstacle. Then they will open the chests and put the puzzle together. The first tribe finished wins immunity and a fire making kit. Second tribe to finish wins immunity and flint to try to start their own fire. Survivors ready?

The tribes begin and are all pretty well neck and neck for the first two chests, but this is where the Brawn tribe takes over and gets the third chest well ahead of the other tribes. Beauty is next to the cart obstacle followed by brains. Brawn is well ahead, getting their cart and chests through the obstacle. The Brains are having issues with getting through this obstacle. As the Brawn tribe gets to the puzzle, the Brains are dumping open their chests, leaving pieces strewn all over the ground. Beauty is steady and is now also working on their puzzle. Soon, beauty is catching up with Brawn, but the Brains still haven't gotten to the puzzle. Lindsay and Sarah are doing the puzzle for Brawn, while LJ and Alexis are doing the Beauty puzzle. Kass and Tasha have finally gotten to the puzzle and are starting to catch up for the Brains. Beauty and Brawn are almost done; it could be a photo finish. And Beauty wins it! Brawn is right behind in second place. Brains got about halfway through the puzzle and will be the first tribe to go to Tribal.

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