Survivor: Cagayan Episode 1 - Part 1

Hot Girl With a Grudge

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

February 27, 2014

Hey, look! It's the guy we will have all forgotten by the finale!

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Garrett is bummed to have been chosen and he hates not having time with the tribe. He finds a note that says he can help himself or help the tribe. Help the tribe and he gets an extra bag of rice. Help himself and he gets a clue to the hidden idol. Still feeling hurt, he chooses the clue to the idol. Garrett tells us that David is now target #1.

Trish figures she was out because she's the oldest and thinnest. She reads her choice and has a much harder time making a decision than Garrett did. She tells us that she's out there for her kids, but she's also a team player. She decides to take the rice to help her tribe. She is worried that she'll regret it.

Morgan is amazed that someone as hot as her was chosen to be out first and stuff. I mean, look at her! She also quickly chooses the idol clue. So, off she goes to find the idol on day one.

Back at Luzon, Garrett is searching around the waterfall. He tells us that he's a pro poker player and he is always cool and calm. In this case, he's starting to feel embarrassed for not finding the idol. And just as he says that, he digs deep down into the water and there it is. The first hidden idol belongs to Garrett. And David - you're in trouble, brother.


Morgan is on the path of the idol as well. She searches all around the rocks by the water and as she searches, her tribe arrives at camp. They are instantly concerned that Morgan is nowhere to be found. They all wonder what she's up to. As she sees them coming, she heads back to camp and tries to figure a way out of this. By the way, she didn't find an idol. D’OH!

We come back from break and the Beauty tribe is wondering where Morgan is and what decision she had to make. Morgan, to her credit, comes up with a story where she tells her tribe that she chose the rice, shelter supplies and other stuff over comfort. LJ tells us that he's very concerned about Morgan and how calm she is when they get there. He's worried that she either has an idol or a clue. Brice actually buys Morgan's story, but he can tell she's a woman scorned, so he makes his move. He tells her that he wouldn't have voted for her and he'd like to work with her. She agrees and we have our first little mini-alliance. Alexis tells us that no one else is going to expect anything from them because they're the “beauties.” As she tells us this, the three guys start a fire and there is much rejoicing.

Over at the Brawn tribe, everyone is happy to be there. Trish tells the tribe what her choice was and what her decision was. The tribe is very excited. Tony is thrilled with her decision but tells us that if he had the choice, they'd only have one bag of rice and he'd have an idol in his pocket. Right off the bat, Woo recognizes Cliff Robinson while everyone else is just happy to have the "big guy" on their tribe. He's excited to be there and that it doesn't seem like his NBA-ness will be held against him.

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