Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 13

Out on a Limb

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analysis HOFer

December 12, 2013

Katie deserved a better fate.

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The challenge starts and Hayden and Tyson are quick out to the early lead. Monica is third, Gervase right behind and Ciera is far in the back of the pack. After the first obstacle, Tyson has taken a decent lead, with Hayden still in second. Tyson is first to the puzzle tiles and is starting his puzzle as Hayden finally gets his bag untied. Monica and Gervase have now caught up to Hayden and all four are starting on the puzzle. Ciera finally gets to the platform, but is pretty much out of it. The puzzle this time will form an eight-word phrase. The tiles will spell out many words, but they are looking for a specific eight-word phrase that is very common to Survivor.

By now, everyone is pretty much even as they all are creating the same words. Probst taunts them by telling them that they have all heard this. Gervase and Ciera are now in the lead. And there it is, "You are going to have to dig deep" and the winner? Ciera! Are you frickin' kidding me? This chick has about 15 lives. She gets to choose one person to eat with her and naturally she chooses Hayden. As they make their order, everyone heads back to camp and prepares to play Round 2 of "It's Anyone But Hayden!"

We come back to camp and Ciera is all smiles and cannot believe she won immunity. Join the crowd. She tells us that all those people that thought she was dumb for going against the mighty Tyson, well, in your face! And she chose Hayden to let them know that she's not scared of them and she's not going to kiss ass to stay in this game. Remember when we talked about Gervase getting awfully confident with the immunity necklace around his neck. Yeah, same thing.


As they dine, Hayden and Ciera are going to work on Monica to vote against Gervase. Ciera seems to think she can throw Tyson and Gervase under the bus. While I appreciate the attempt to throw us off here and make us think there's a chance that someone will flip...c'mon man. After the last Tribal where Tyson picked a rock to save her, Monica ain't flipping on nobody. But I'll play along. Ciera gets Monica alone and goes to work. Ciera says that Monica's a puppy on a leash, that she's weak and all kinds of rude hurtful things. Monica asks her why Tyson would have gone to rocks to save her. Ciera says it's because he knows he would be next. Monica tells us how bad this information makes her feel and that her feelings are really hurt. She also says that Tyson and Gervase are going to be on the defensive tonight and she now finds herself in the swing vote seat. Right before heading to Tribal Council, Tyson tells Gervase he's worried about Monica because Ciera came back from the beach talk with Monica smiling. Gervase guarantees that Monica will not flip...but Tyson knows better. He's very worried. Makes me wonder if we might not see another idol played tonight. I didn't think the talk would flip Monica, but now I'm worried.

We get to Tribal and Probst brings in the jury. Probst asks about the division in the tribe. Ciera and Hayden know they're on the bottom. Hayden says that the plan was to explain the truth to Monica and have her understand that the only reason Tyson is keeping her around was because she's the only person he can beat. Tyson interjects that he drew rocks because he knew Monica was one person he could trust. Gervase chimes in that Hayden has a perception but his perception is not the reality.

Jeff asks Monica if they came to her. She says that Ciera told her some horrible things that Tyson and Gervase said about her and she's been thinking about it all the way there. Tyson says that he's sure Ciera lied to her and that Monica knows what kind of person Tyson was. Ciera digs in on her lie about how vicious and rude the guys are. Gervase mentions that it's very convenient that this was never mentioned to Monica until they had absolutely no other chance in this game. Hayden starts talking about Tyson controlling the game, which Gervase is taking more and more exception to. "Hey guys, I'm controlling things too." Gervase does make an interesting point though when he asks Hayden if he is controlling his alliance. When Hayden says no, he asks if Ciera is controlling it. If not, that's their problem and why they're going home. Someone needs to tell Gervase to dig up. Up, my man...not down!

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