Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 13

Out on a Limb

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analysis HOFer

December 12, 2013

Katie deserved a better fate.

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I'll go one step farther and suggest that even if Tyson had drawn the white rock and Ciera, Hayden and Katie went all the way to the end, it would have made little difference to Ciera's finish as Hayden would be viewed as a master the way he flipped her like that. A move had to be made... but she really should have waited for her mom to get back from RI or at least waited until there was an odd number. As it turned out, her best option, Katie, left the game due to choosing the wrong colored rock.

As it is, Ciera's only option now is to try to sway Monica to join her. Monica, a member of the alliance she just screwed over. Monica, who is in the final three alliance with Tyson and Gervase and can (at best), be offered final three with Ciera. Monica, who can sit in a final tribal and lay claim to the fact that she kicked everyone's ass in challenges and was never the bad guy. So, anyone that is bitter at Tyson/Gervase may just cast a vote her way. That Monica. That's the one that Ciera has to try to flip in tonight's episode. Yeah, I just don't see that happening.

Last thing before we get into tonight's episode. I have to comment on the implosion that was Gervase last week. And a lot of that is due to the masterful play of Hayden. Hayden put the bug in everybody's ear that Tyson was set up to win the game. Gervase is playing for second place because everyone knows that Tyson's running the show. That was news to Gervase, so in an effort to prove he really was the guy in charge, he decided to show his ass at Tribal and let everyone know who the boss was and how things were gonna go. From repeatedly calling Ciera fourth to screaming out his vote for Hayden, Gervase took what could have been a decent argument for a win in this season and flushed it down the toilet by making himself look like a jerk to the jury. The collateral damage of his meltdown could be Tyson's game as the two are seen as partners in crime. Tyson did himself no favors by taunting Katie on her way out of Tribal, either. In a game where the final result is usually based around "who I like better," Gervase killed his game tonight and Tyson may have critically wounded his. If she plays her cards (and challenges) right, Monica could be in the catbird seat for a million bucks come Sunday.


Whew...that was a lot. I'm sure I had more, but that's all that is relevant at this let's start the show. We begin after Katie arrives at Redemption Island. Naturally, Tina is excited to see her, but bummed that she's out of the game. She tells them about the rock drawing and Tina and Laura seem proud of her. After a short minute, Tina starts worrying about beating Katie in the duel. Tina actually offers to let Katie win. To her credit, Katie said she thinks they should both just do their best.

Back at camp, Hayden is thrilled with Ciera's flip. Tyson says he was thrilled to be a part of it. Hayden does his best to let them all know that he was just fighting for his life in there. He tells us that he can't believe it actually worked to get them to the rocks. The pull of the rocks went against him, but it was still pretty awesome. Tyson tells the group, but names Gervase, that the result there was why you don't tell an insane person they're going home, and suggests that Hayden was running around like a crazy person the last three days. He tells us that you never let the person know they're going. You have to give them hope that they're staying, so crazy stuff like that does not happen at Tribal.

Monica tells the guys that she's so happy they stuck with her, like they actually had a choice. Monica's back to being Monica and is worried that one of Hayden or Ciera may have an idol. I mean, they just got back from Tribal and she's playing REALLY hard and is annoying Tyson and Gervase. She tells us that she's still a little bitter over Tyson's idol that she knew nothing about. As we prepare for the credits, Tyson tells Gervase that Monica isn't very good at Survivor, but she has come in pretty handy.

The next morning, Ciera tells us that she feels so much better having made a move instead of settling for fourth. She and Hayden are now determined to go down fighting. Ciera is very excited about the prospect of her mom coming back and giving them the numbers. Ciera sets out to find an idol and to find a crack in the alliance. Makes you wonder how pissed Monica is about the while idol thing.

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