Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 13

Out on a Limb

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analysis HOFer

December 12, 2013

Katie deserved a better fate.

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Meanwhile, at Redemption Island Arena, Laura, Tina and Katie prepare to truel. Tina confesses that she is not sure she has what it takes to actually send her daughter home. Tonight's truel is an oldie and goodie. With twine, the players will connect sticks. These sticks will be used to retrieve three keys that will unlock three locks. First to unlock all three locks wins. Last to do so goes home.

As soon as Probst says go, Tina starts shouting suggestions to Katie. It doesn't matter a whole lot as Laura gets a pole together real quick and gets her first key. As Laura brings in her second key, Katie gets her first key. Tina is WAY behind at this point. As you would expect, Laura gets all three keys first and is the winner of this truel. As Laura is winning, Tina pulls in her first key and we are down to mother versus daughter. Each of them has one key when Tina's stick breaks. But just as it seems Katie is in control of this truel, she drops a key in the sand. While Katie struggles to get the key out of the sand, Tina pulls in key #2. Tina pulls in key #3 while Katie never gets the second key back. As she starts to unlock her locks, Tina asks Katie if she's okay with this. Katie tells her to go ahead and finish it off.

Tina is very upset at sending her daughter home. In all honesty, this was quite difficult to watch, Knowing what Tina (and Katie and the rest of the family) have gone through over the last week or so. Watching her talk about how important motherhood is to her and how it's her first real think that she just lost one of her children is amazingly heartbreaking, even though it was long after that scene was filmed. Katie, to her credit, is not nearly as upset as her mom is. I think she knows that Tina actually has a better shot at winning this game and she's okay with that.


The last thing to do is for Laura to give the idol clue to Ciera...and then head back to Redemption Island.

We come back from break and Operation Immunity Idol is in full swing. Ciera and Hayden read the clue and head out to find an idol. With little effort, Hayden heads directly to the tree that once held the immunity idol. As he searches, Monica comes along to disrupt the search. After searching, Hayden determines that the idol has already been found and he wonders if Tyson is holding it again. Gervase tells us that he plans to do whatever it takes to get his alliance to the final three. He starts by checking with Monica to see where they stand. Monica says she trusts Gervase and Tyson completely. She says she feels locked in with them because Tyson drew rocks instead of turning on her. However, she's not playing the game for Gervase and Tyson, she's playing for Monica.

Meanwhile, Ciera hatches a plan to try to swing Monica. She plans to tell Monica that Tyson and Gervase are talking bad about her, about how's she dumb and a puppet and she'll do whatever they say. We head to commercial as Ciera heads out to try to save her game.

And I stand corrected...we come back from commercial NOT to Ciera enacting her nefarious plan, but to a Probst sighting!!! It's an immunity challenge! Today's challenge will see the players diving into the water moving a small buoy along a rope. Once they get to the end, they'll untie a bag of puzzle pieces. First to put the puzzle together wins immunity and reward. Wanna know what they're playing for? They will have a menu with which to order an amazing meal that could give them strength and energy going into the end days of this game.

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