Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Preview, Part 1

By Ben Willoughby

September 16, 2013

Well, they don't appear to be off to a roaring start.

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Outside of Vytas, Aras would like to work with Tina, the other previous winner and who he thinks is (ha ha) trustworthy, and Gervase, who is a friend outside of the game. Aras also claims that his side interviews should have improved, and there will be no “somebody call a waaambulance” comment this season. I had to look this up, but it was directed at Terry Dietz, the epitome of the “whoever wins the most challenges should win Survivor, no matter how big a pill they are” mindset, so I like Aras more than I did at the start of these interviews.

Assessment: They both seem pretty together and sane, and one or both could go far in the game with the right alliances.

Kat and Hayden

Kat’s first season was One World, where she gained a reputation for being easily manipulated and, frankly, a bit dim. But she’s more than that – Kat has had open heart surgery, twice, and made valuable contributions to the English language such as “rantics” and “touché, whatever”.

Kat is playing with her boyfriend Hayden, a previous winner of Big Brother. This is a big reason why Kat’s interviews are focused on Hayden. “Kat is a weird girl. It’s understood by everyone,” says Hayden, before saying something more commonly heard on The Amazing Race: “If we can make it through Survivor, after that everything else will be easy.”


For her part, Kat is excited to use everything she knows now in the game. “I got to final seven without a clue about what was going on,” she says optimistically, as though people without a clue aren’t kept around longer than they merit. “The fact that I know too much is something that kind of haunts me a little bit now.” Oh, Kat.

Hayden gives a lot of the usual Survivor comments about making big moves and paying attention. As a winner of Big Brother, he is confident in his social game.

Kat says that “I am fully aware that I know I can be naïve. I have accepted it, whatever, that’s who I am.” Hayden tries to be supportive: “She’s cute, naïve, but she’s physically fit. She could float all the way to the end... and end up winning, but she has to play her cards right.” “Sometimes I don’t know how to do that, that’s why I need him,” says Kat, grateful she has a big strong man. Hayden, master of the social game, keeps digging. “Sometimes she needs to keep her mouth shut. But legitimately she could sneak in there and win the whole thing.” It’s a good thing for him Kat’s so naïve.

Speaking of naïve, she is still thinking about winning. “If I win, phenomenal! If he wins, fiiiiine.” Heh.

EW asks what is harder, Survivor or Big Brother? Kat says it is Survivor, but Hayden will only answer in 39 days. Or 24 days. Or 12. Or whatever. And will the “Survivor fraternity” want to get the Big Brother person out? Kat talks about how humble and modest Hayden is, and says that all the returning players know and like him.

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