Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Preview, Part 1

By Ben Willoughby

September 16, 2013

Well, they don't appear to be off to a roaring start.

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Speaking of, we learn in this interview that Laura had to sign paperwork saying that loved ones can’t compete in the game. Where was this mysterious paperwork when we needed it? We could have been saved from two seasons of Brandon Hantz. People complain a lot about red tape, but it has a lot of uses.

Anyway, Rupert believes that as it was for Boston Rob, fourth time will be the charm for him – especially with his wife as his “sounding board.” In other words, Rupert thinks he’ll be the one coming up with all the plays. “27 is my time, 27 is my number.” He even talks about how he turned 27 on the 27th again! We are left to imagine what he actually did on his 27th birthday, but it was probably drinking Miller High Life with his friends while listening to Styx, and I don't see how that can ever be a profound mystical experience.

“Dominant number in my life, forever!” It pleases me how Rupert believes that fate has lined up his inevitable Survivor victory, because it means his hopes will be crushed that bit harder this time. I don't need to see him on TV again.

Assessment: Rupert seems to be more Rupert than ever, and is the “person most likely to take their loved one's place on Redemption Island”. Laura seems nice and supportive to the point of enabling, but that’s really all I can say about her.


Aras and Vytas

Aras is one of two former winners competing this season, and is probably my vote for worst winner ever. I may be confusing that with least memorable, though. Exile Island was 15 seasons ago! I can’t be expected to remember everyone! And thinking about it, he can’t have been worse than Fabio/Jud from Nicaragua. So, apologies Aras.

Anyway, Aras talks about the “intense process” of Survivor, and not just what you have to do to win it, but also going back home, watching yourself on TV and then weaning yourself off that brief 15 minutes of fame. Obviously he didn’t do a great job because here he is, back again.

Playing with Aras is his elder brother Vytas, who talks about how intelligence and adaptability is to win Survivor, and how those are Aras’ strong points. However, he’s a true elder brother as “beating Aras is something I’ve strived to do my entire life.” While Vytas trusts Aras the most, “of course I want to beat him. My goal is to beat my brother and win a million dollars.”

Aras and Vytas have done a lot of running to prepare for Survivor. Aras tells a story about how Vytas’ arch-enemy – a dog-owner whose dog gets humped by Vytas’ dog – started an argument with him one day while they were out running, and Vytas couldn’t hold back from insulting her back. And Aras told him that is not what to do on Survivor. And on the following morning’s run, Aras was throwing up because he was thinking about the deprivation. Great story, Aras.

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