Survivor: Caramoan - Finale (Part 1)

Million Dollar Question

By Ben Willoughby

May 13, 2013

In a huge shocking twist, neither of these players won Survivor.

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Previously on Survivor, “the world’s biggest reality competition,” there were some big personalities including heroes (Malcolm footage), villains (Brandon footage) and underdogs (Cochran footage). Apparently, CBS decided that we wanted to see more of the big personalities, because they were brought back for this season.

Andrea voices-over that the theme of the season was that all of the “favorites” had made big mistakes and this would be a chance to correct them. Or more often, make the same mistake all over again. And to compete with these returnees, Probst flat-out lies that the show sought out and cast “super fans”, instead of, say, people who had missed the last dozen seasons or so and didn’t know what a Cochran was.

Arriving on “favorites” beach, Phillip put together “an unbreakable alliance” and gave everyone silly names. Francesca was voted out first, wasn’t that hilarious? Meanwhile among the “fans”, there was a “cool kids” alliance, which was quickly voted out by everyone else. Shamar made all of the other “fans” miserable before he was medically evacuated. Brandon made all of the other “favorites” miserable until they forfeited a challenge and had an impromptu Tribal Council to get rid of him.

There was a merge, and Corinne and Malcolm put together a fragile eight to break away from Stealth R Us. However, the eight was too fragile, Stealth R Us remained in control of the game and Malcolm was only in control of how immunity idols were played. They ended up using three to vote out Phillip the fun-sponge. After that, the former Stealth R Us alliance started falling apart and turning on each other.


There was a series of great Tribal Councils, with the bootings of Corinne, Michael, Phillip, Malcolm, Andrea and Brenda. You could argue that this redeemed the season from its terrible start, but the question really is “how come the early part of the season wasn’t as good as this? Maybe next season I’ll start watching after the annoying people are gone."

So it has come to this, our final five: Erik, “who made one of the most famous Survivor mistakes the first time he played,” Sherri, “the only fan to successfully infiltrate Stealth R Us,” Eddie, “a target since day one has charmed his way through the game,” Cochran, “the Survivor nerd has transformed into an all round threat," and Dawn, “who has battled her emotions to get this far. Will her heart get in the way of the million dollar prize?” Find out who will claim the million dollar prize and the title of sole Survivor.

Day 36. The castaways are walking back from Tribal Council. Erik is sitting down and everyone gathers around. “My head is killing me. Everything is spinning. Dawn Cochran interview that at Tribal Council Erik “looked very dazed and disoriented.” But this is not out of character for Erik.

Probst sighting! He has immediately shown up to check on what is going on. It must be important to call him away from his trip to the mini-bar. Erik says that it started in the middle of Tribal Council. Probst explains to Erik that “Doctor Joe” is here. Doctor Joe’s verdict is that Erik can’t take any more. Erik has reached a starvation state, and while the body compensates, there is a limit. Doctor Joe is going to stick an IV into him, and when Erik asks about the fluids, Eddie - who up until now has been a firefighter, but now is revealed to be “firefighter/EMT” – is the one to describe it to him.

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