Survivor: Caramoan - Finale (Part 1)

Million Dollar Question

By Ben Willoughby

May 13, 2013

In a huge shocking twist, neither of these players won Survivor.

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Cochran talks with Eddie about who they should take to the end. Eddie wants to go with “you, me, Sherri.” It’s the right thing to say to Cochran, but Eddie seems to mean it because in interview he talks about Sherri third, Cochran second and him coming first. Poor delusional Eddie.

Treemail! The castaways could win a competitive edge but they have to “dig deep!" Everyone jumps up and down. Dawn says that everyone was unsettled, but she seems quite chipper now. She tells Cochran and Sherri, “I’ll be so relieved to have my brain back." “Because you’ve lost part of it out here?” Cochran can’t help himself. She interviews about how in her last season she made zero strategic moves, but now she can say that “I have done all this stuff!” She seems happy, like she won’t get any blame for it.

Probst sighting! Reward challenge! It’s another challenge we have seen before. With one hand the castaways have to steady a balance, while building a house of cards (technically, tiles). First to build their house up to the mark – about six feet from the ground – wins reward. This was clearly supposed to be an immunity challenge, but as they are down to four already, the winner will get a “huge” advantage in the next, final immunity challenge.

Everyone starts building, with “Eddie bringing up the rear.” Cochran is the first to have his tiles collapse in a heap, followed by Dawn and then Sherri. Eddie is “slow but steady.” Dawn is about one tile away, but gets the shakes again, and blurs her mouth when the tiles fall. Meanwhile, Probst drones on about not getting frustrated.

After what seems like a few more collapses from everyone, Cochran and Sherri appear to be dead even at five feet. But then Sherri’s stack of tiles falls like a tree that got lumberjacked. Cochran’s remains relatively steady, and he is able to put a last tile on top to reach the mark. Cochran wins! Something that isn’t immunity!


Cochran gets a big hug from Dawn and the others all congratulate him. It is “Cochran’s third individual challenge win, and this could be a million dollar reward." Cochran is to keep it sealed until the next challenge. Dawn interviews about how she’s happy Cochran won, but if he doesn’t win immunity he is on the chopping block.

The castaways arrive back at camp, and all congratulate Cochran again. Aren’t they allowed to talk to each other on the way back, except if one of them collapses? We always see this grim march back from challenges, with conversation only breaking out once the tribe flag is planted.

Cochran interviews that “my streak... has come roaring back... I am the challenge beast.” He was concerned that Eddie would win the challenge and reward, and he also didn’t want Dawn to win either because he might want her gone, but also presumably because if she won immunity she might turn on him.

The others are also talking about positioning. Sherri is buttering up Eddie, saying she would much rather be there at the end with Eddie than Dawn. She claims Dawn is playing the sympathy card too much, and Eddie thinks Dawn would win all the jury votes. “I’m not sitting next to that,” says Sherri.

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