Survivor Roundtable Part II

By BOP Staff

April 17, 2013

Can you believe we have a 20% chance of winning this thing?

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David Mumpower: Where do we see the season going from here?

Ben Willoughby: Corinne's blind-side was a big shocker, and certainly holds out hope for the remainder of the season. I think it was perfectly executed, and one of the best ever. Certainly the best moment of the season - but I also think it's unfortunate that things turned out that way.

I think now, with Phillip still "in charge" of his alliance, everyone else on his side has an interest in keeping him in the game. So they'll focus on voting out whoever didn't vote with them. The good thing is that the minority alliance has a hidden immunity idol, which could shake things up, but there are some pretty savvy players on the majority alliance too. If the majority alliance makes it through, the next step is about the final four, which again would probably be about sucking up to Phillip. Maybe, just maybe Phillip will be cut out, but I don't think so - he is just too important to everyone's game plan.

Compare that situation with what would have happened if Corinne had been smart enough to go along with the vote splitting and then target Phillip. With Phillip gone, the majority favorite alliance collapses. Dawn, Cochran and Andrea would all be scrambling, Sherri, Brenda and Erik would be up for grabs and Corinne's alliance has obvious fractures - for example, which way would Malcolm want to go, with Corinne or with the bros? I think that would have made for a more unpredictable and satisfying season.

Anyway, regardless of how last week's vote went, I think there are only four people remaining with a chance of winning this season - Cochran, Dawn, Andrea and Malcolm. Brenda and Erik are too silent, Phillip is not respected and the fans are... well, the fans. Plus we're looking at a minimum of five out of nine jurors being favorites. I'm not sure any of them would vote for a fan.


Jim Van Nest: Unfortunately, with Corinne's (and now Michael's) ouster...I don't see a lot of hope for Malcolm and his side alliance. I would think that sometime soon, they'll target Phillip...but I'd wager over the next few weeks we see Malcolm, Reynold and Eddie go home leaving us with the rest of the Favorites and Sherry.

What happens then? I don't know...but I think the tight bond between Dawn and Cochran makes them dangerous as no one else out there has this type of alliance. While Brenda and Erik have been on the bottom from Day 1, they have no special allegiance to each other, which makes either one of them a possible free agent. Unless everyone wises up and realizes that Dawn and Cochran need to be split up, I could see them picking up a couple free agents to carry them toward the end, and then securing one person to be their final three buddy (Sherri, maybe?)

Then again, Dawn has proven to be the leak over the last several votes...and Malcolm has an idol no one knows about. Who's to say that Dawn isn't the one person he takes out before he makes his exit from the game?

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