Survivor Roundtable Part II

By BOP Staff

April 17, 2013

Can you believe we have a 20% chance of winning this thing?

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Kim Hollis: I love Malcolm, but his play last week all but ensured that he'll be joining the jury soon. We are getting to that interesting point in the game where people start to think about who they want to be sitting with at the end rather than getting to the end. Dawn is fairly volatile because she can't think of anything except how much the money would help her family. And even though she and Cochran seem tight, I don't think we can forget that he betrayed her in an earlier season.

So, if people are starting to think about who they can win against, we're looking at the likes of Phillip and Sherri getting propped along to the end because they're non-threatening. If they start worrying about other people in their alliance, I see Andrea and Dawn looking at some trouble down the road.

I'm hoping for a nice challenge run from Malcolm. If the previews aren't misleading (and they weirdly haven't been this season), he may get a gift in the form of a breakdown from Dawn. If he can survive a week without using his idol, he might be able to swing some interesting shifts in the dynamic of the game. That's what I'm hoping for, anyway.

David Mumpower: The most obvious answer is that we are going to have a lackluster Survivor champion this year, presuming that Malcolm's fate is sealed. He has done a tremendous job this season of avoiding scrutiny, a key component for him since he is straight out of a Rudyard Kipling tale. Last week's Tribal Council move has fundamentally changed his position from under the radar to the bull’s-eye target.


In Malcolm's absence, the only genuinely great Survivor player remaining is Dawn. The problem with her candidacy is something Kim touched upon in her reply. She cannot view the game as Survivor as anything other than a paycheck right now, and it is impeding her ability to distance herself from the game enough to make good decisions.

With the best two players in various states of disrepair, we are left with a bunch of bozos.

Erik is responsible for the single dumbest move in the history of Survivor. He did it, however, because he was hot for a girl. Since I've done worse than that in trying to impress a date, I have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. Then, he asked another player to point to a name on a flag to define who would be voted out that week. If this is what passes for subterfuge and tactics in Erik's world, I wouldn't even pick him as a favorite in a game of Words with Friends.

Sherri burned every bridge possible with the Fans and is now a strong candidate to advance further in the game due to the odd behavior of Survivor gamesmanship. The weakest players with little hope of winning get strung along until the end. I believe Sherri has a real chance to make the Final although I suspect a LOT would have to happen for her to garner even one vote.

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