Survivor Roundtable Part II

By BOP Staff

April 17, 2013

Can you believe we have a 20% chance of winning this thing?

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Brenda may or may not be on the show. I strongly suspect that she will be a big factor down the stretch since her editing this season has been so quiet otherwise. All Brenda does is show up for the challenges, wiggle some when she's happy and then disappear again until Tribal Council. She seems like she is enjoying the season. I have no idea why she isn't garnering more attention. She clearly is not receiving a winner's edit, though.

Phillip has played as well as he can, which I may or may not mean as a compliment. He has built a solid alliance filled with (thus far) reliable players. He clearly paid attention to what Boston Rob did, almost religiously so, and has attempted to implement as many of those ideas as possible. The results have been best-case scenario in my estimation yet he is still a laughing stock with no respect from his peers. Ergo, he cannot win.

Reynold, he of "bro it down", loves himself so much that I wonder how many mirrors he owns. I suspect a Dorian Gray situation. Anyway, I think he has played fairly well but I also believe that most of the people on the island would like to sacrifice him at the nearest volcano. I would gladly help them throw him down to his flaming death. Or destroy the appropriate painting.


Eddie suddenly decided last week that he is an elimination away from making his move. Similarly, the Orlando Magic are ready to make their NBA push any day now. The fact that the season is ending and they have been mathematically eliminated are irrelevant. Their time is NOW! I did respect Eddie for hitting on Andrea all episode then voting against her at Tribal Council, though. Why do good girls like bad boys?

Cochran is still the same buffoon he has always been, which is why I am amused by how many people are acting as if he is playing a better game this time. Spoilers: he hasn't gotten any smarter. The competition, however, has gotten dumber. He too has a real chance to make it to the end and I can even see scenarios where he could win Survivor this season. There is no bigger indictment I can make of the quality of this season than the statement that Cochran could win Survivor.

Andrea has improved greatly from previous seasons to the point that if Malcolm does get eliminated and Dawn continues to behave erratically, I believe she becomes the most dangerous player in the game. As crazy as it sounds, I believe she is well positioned to win the season. Her panic move last week to switch the vote to Michael may have seemed paranoid at the time but if she had not done so, she very well could have been eliminated last week. It's like the Anti-Tyson Play.

I am hoping against all hope that Malcolm wins or that Dawn recovers her sanity enough to win. If not, this year's winner is going to be Brian Heidik/Chris Daugherty/Fabio.

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