Survivor: Caramoan - Episode 5

Persona Non Grata

By Ben Willoughby

March 14, 2013

Since we have a strict No Hantz policy now, here is a pic of a previous albeit smarter iteration.

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Previously on Survivor, Brandon went through a “series of emotional outbursts and the entire tribe was left wondering what he would do next." And over with the “fans”, Shamar was a consistent source of conflict and nearly crossed the Probst line when “he threatened to quit the game." So no one, not even Probst, was too upset when Shamar was medevaced out due to an eye injury. And “despite Reynold’s heroics," Probst lays it on thick, the “fans” lost their third immunity challenge in a row. At Tribal Council, Reynold cashed in his idol, and they voted out Laura. Who will be voted out tonight? Spoiler: it’s the guy whose meltdown Probst has been talking about for months!

The “fans” arrive back at camp, and the men all agree with the consolation that it was “a turning point” and from now they have to win challenges. Matt asks Sherri if she is all right, and Sherri says that she is fine, and just listening. In interview, Sherri talks about how difficult it was for her to vote for Laura, because she reminded Sherri of her daughter, but she had to vote with the tribe because they “were all going to vote for her no matter what."

Meanwhile, Reynold is claiming that he is glad that his idol is gone, because it was a point of division within the tribe. But he interviews that he doesn’t trust anyone, because in the first two tribal councils he had all these “hopes and aspirations and believing these people and I got completely duped." In other words, he thought everyone would just do what he said without any questions or push-back.

Anyway, Reynold goes on and on in interview about how great it felt to play the idol last night and know that he could say whatever he felt like, which was “you guys are worthless in challenges, you need me to win and if you don’t keep me around you’ll maybe get Juror 1 or Juror 2”. Like he hasn’t been saying that all along. And even better, there would be no repercussions because he played his idol! Well, no repercussions until he gets blind-sided again by the people he just called out for sucking hard. Reynold doesn’t just have tickets on himself. He has Skybox tickets.


But back at camp, he plays all nice and says stuff like “I hope you didn’t think I was taking jabs at your alliance, any more than you guys took jabs at our alliance early on." Because it’s absolutely despicable when someone targets his alliance, but when Reynold says stuff, it’s just a game and we should all just focus on moving forward.

Discussion back at camp turns to the hidden immunity idol, which they think has been put back in play by some under-paid production assistant who won’t be bothered to hide it properly. Reynold says that he’s “going to wake up really early tomorrow," and Matt replies “You’re a liar. All you’re going to do is wake up and look for the idol." It’s all done in a jokey way, though. Michael interviews about how he does not want Reynold to get the idol because he’s a clutch guy – he can pull through when things get rough.

Over at the “favorites”, we are about to see why I am persisting with the inverted commas around “favorites”. Brandon is telling the rest of his tribe about how “the realest people in the world have emotions and have passion” and that “I have such a passion for my family, and that I would give my life 1,000 times over in the most horrific way just to see my wife and my kids." Obviously this makes no sense because then if he gave his life he’d never see them again. But it just shows that everything about Brandon is emotions, not making sense.

Anyway, Brandon has two very young children who are too young to realise anything more than “Daddy’s not here," and he says that “every day [away from them] is a waste” and that “next Tribal Council, I’m volunteering for you to vote me out of the game." Malcolm interviews about how this has repercussions for the tribe as well as for the Hantz family, and maybe Brandon should have thought about this before signing up to another season of Survivor.

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