Survivor: Philippines - Episode 13

Gouge My Eyes Out

By Ben Willoughby

December 12, 2012

Some of the forms evil takes on are quite pleasant.

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Previously on Survivor, there was a final four alliance between Malcolm, Denise, Michael and Lisa, so Abi came up with a ridiculous plan about a hidden immunity idol, but it was her “constant negative attitude” that saved her, and “Carter found out that nice guys finish last." Five left, who will be voted out tonight?

Arriving back at camp after Tribal Council, Abi thanks everyone for not voting her out. She interviews that “I cannot believe this. I am over the moon." “Another couple of days for us all, right?” says Denise. Abi claims that she bluffed with her hidden immunity idol, and she doesn’t know if they bought it, but she’s going to play it again next Tribal Council too. Maybe it can be a special hidden immunity idol that can be played after the final immunity challenge and comes with three extra jury votes?

Now Lisa and Michael are making themselves feel better for having voted Carter off. “What a good young man,” says Lisa. “He took it really personally,” says Michael, blaming the victim. “That’s the part that... he’ll... grow up from,” he continues, like it was for Carter’s own good.

They are all sleeping on the beach and Michael laughs to Abi that she thought she’d be in the final five, but with different people, isn’t that ironic? “Ironic, that’s a good word,” agrees Abi. Lisa recaps that the game isn’t fair, and in a choice between taking someone worthy and someone she can beat, it’s someone she can beat.


Malcolm, meanwhile, has been reviewing Lisa’s latest Tribal Council confession on this philosophy, and that taking people to the end that she can beat presumably means Michael and Abi, and not Malcolm. But now Malcolm is wise to her strategy and he’ll be watching her going forward.

After the credits, everyone is still trying to reassure themselves that voting off Carter and spending another three days with Abi was the right thing to do. “Carter is resting well,” says Denise. “I bet he’s already doing a lot better,” says Malcolm. Meanwhile, Abi walks off to “get some water."

Everyone notices the air quotes, and they talk sarcastically about her “hidden immunity idol." “Interesting 'thank you for keeping me around,'” says Michael. “Very kinda humble." Denise agrees. For Abi’s part, Malcolm is safe so Denise has to go.

Abi goes to start something up with Lisa. “Be very careful,” she warns. “Denise, [Michael] and Malcolm are so in an alliance with each other and you are so at the bottom." Bottom of the alliance is probably a great place to be at this point of the game. Lisa interviews that she does not believe Abi, but wants to keep her close whether she goes to the end or to the jury and making nice while Abi spews crap is part of that deal. Taking Abi to the end makes Lisa “feel yucky inside” but she’s only a tool in Lisa’s “best game plan." “Thank you for the heads up on that,” is what she tells Abi.

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