Survivor: Phillipines - Episode 9

Little Miss Perfect

By Jim Van Nest, Former Survivor Analyst

November 15, 2012

Oh, *that's* why it was a bad idea to be in an alliance with Abi.

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Guess who's back, back again? And hello, good people, this is former Survivor columnist Jim Van Nest with you to give our good friend, Ben, a much needed week off. How about this season of Survivor, eh? Easily the best season since Heroes vs. Villains. I'm very excited to be back and recapping, even if it's only for a week.

Previously on Survivor, Jonathan was friendless, hopeless and (worse) idol-less. As Jeff Kent said, he was a "dead man walking." And then something crazy happened. The Survivor Gods once again proved they prefer "good" to "evil" and Penner won the first individual immunity in his three-time Survivor career. It hearkened back to Richard Hatch's epic challenge win on the very first season of Survivor...except Penner did a sweet airplane dance instead of a crazy fat man dance. With Jonathan off the table, the rest of the tribe had to scramble, and scramble they did. At least four people were suggested as boots and when the dust at Tribal Council settled, Jeff Kent was left holding the bag and was sent packing. The one thing I'd like to mention about the craziness of Tribal was that Malcolm displayed the best use of a hidden immunity idol since Yul Kwon used it to win Survivor: Cook Islands. He can only make that play once, of course, but it was brilliant in its simplicity.


One last thing I'd like to say before getting to this week's episode: I'm stoked about the play of Lisa Whelchel. I've never seen this approach before, but she seems to be playing a "lie my ass off, but confess at Tribal Council" game. She plays both sides and then freely admits it every single Tribal. If she gets to the end, what will the jury hold against her that she hasn't already copped to at a previous Tribal?

Ok, with all my nonsense out of the way, let's get to this week's episode!

The episode begins with the Dangrayne tribe (by the way, they wanted to call it the F*inrayne tribe, but producers ixnayed Dangrayne it is) coming back to camp after the craziest Tribal ever. And on cue, Abi slams Mike for voting for her. Right away Jonathan chimes in that he voted for her. He tells her that he was pissed and voted for her. While Mike is feeling a sense of relief that he gets to stay, Jonathan is trying to figure out how the votes went down. When Rhodes Scholar Carter explains the votes to him, he's shocked to find out that his vote for Abi kinda messed things up. Lisa goes to clear the air with Malcolm and he graciously accepts her apology...which truly means a lot to her. It's an interesting situation she has found herself in: she desperately wants to win this game, but she's having internal turmoil over what she has to do to win. I REALLY like Lisa...and it's not just because I've had a crush on Blair Warner since middle school.

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