Survivor: Phillipines - Episode 9

Little Miss Perfect

By Jim Van Nest, Former Survivor Analyst

November 15, 2012

Oh, *that's* why it was a bad idea to be in an alliance with Abi.

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We come back from break to see the winning team arrive in the village with all the supplies. They are welcomed in with open arms. All of them enjoy the hell out of this reward. Malcolm mentions he spent a year teaching children in Micronesia and wonders how he could have stopped doing that. "Why did I give this up? This means so much more to me than pouring drinks for girls in a bar." After Jonathan breaks a piñata and Malcolm fails at hula hooping, it's time to eat and talk strategy. They all decide that Skupin and Lisa have to be turned to flip the game. Malcolm mentions how horribly Mike has been treated by the others. Carter breaks it down for us by saying that if they can get Mike and Lisa, the bad people can be voted off.

Let's go back to Evil summer camp and see how things are there. Pete is pissed. But at least he has some time to condescend to Lisa and Mike. Lisa knows nothing of what's going on and Skupin’s an idiot but Pete needs him. Never mind that Lisa saved their alliance's collective ass (specifically Pete's ass) in the last Tribal. We join the conversation in time for Abi to lay some knowledge on Lisa. She says that Penner has to go and hopefully Lisa won't be a double agent again. As Lisa tries to defend herself, Abi overrides her by telling her how gullible and naive she is. I'll say it again...SHE SAVED YOUR ASS LAST NIGHT. A "thank you" would suffice. And if you're not going to acknowledge should at least have the decency to shut the hell up. At least that's how Artis feels. He's trying to figure out where Abi gets the idea that she knows this game or people in general. At this point, even Russell Hantz is somewhere saying, "Shut can't win this way." The scary thing is that through all of this belittling; Lisa seems to still be all Team Tandang and stuff. She's so concerned about looking disloyal...but in reality, only the Mean Girls will hold it against her.


We come back from commercials to another Probst sighting. It's Immunity Challenge time. Today's challenge is a simple one. Each player will balance a big paddle with six holes. Their challenge is to roll a ball down the paddle and land it in one of the spots. First person to land all six balls wins immunity. The challenge is pretty dull actually. But while they're playing, I have to say that this is two challenges in the same show using balls and Probst has severely disappointed me with his commentary. There's so much to be said about Skupin and Pete's balls, but Jeff just plays it straight. As it goes, it's Pete and Mike neck and neck with four balls each. No one else even has one. And then it happens, Pete loses control and knocks off two balls, which leads Mike to the easy victory and his first ever individual immunity win. On the way out, Arits is very excited to get rid of Penner and then sit back and relax.

And now it's time to play "It's anyone but Penner." Mike's feeling pretty high on life right now, while Penner is in full-on scramble mode. But before any of that can happen, Abi (actually trying to do something useful) bounces a coconut off a tree right into Skupin's face. We join Denise, Malcolm and Carter in strategy mode. Denise tells them that Abi is too full of herself to play the idol. She could potentially give it to Pete, but she doesn't think so. But in her estimation, the smart play here is Artis as Abi definitely won't give him the idol. Malcolm and Carter are onboard. Now they just need to tell Penner and try to recruit Mike and Lisa. In the middle of this talk, Abi finds a clam...which excites Denise, "Yay, whoopie, woo hoo."

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