Survivor: Phillipines - Episode 9

Little Miss Perfect

By Jim Van Nest, Former Survivor Analyst

November 15, 2012

Oh, *that's* why it was a bad idea to be in an alliance with Abi.

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After the credits, Penner breaks it down for us. He plans to do whatever he can to exploit the cracks in the Tandang alliance. His plan is to play on the differences between the two groups within that alliance. Lisa and Skupin are trying to play the Christian game, while Abi, Pete and Artis are playing what he calls "the bully game." So he gets Lisa alone and asks her why she was so worried about people hating her this morning. She was concerned about the big moves she tried to make at Tribal. What follows is an amazing. Jonathan basically breaks down Lisa's life and innermost thoughts in the span of five minutes. He discusses how she must have felt as a child star - always having to be pretty enough and the breadwinner, pleasing everyone else. And that's why she couldn't vote against her original tribe. Her tears are shed because she feels like someone finally understands her. This inner conflict is really messing with her now as she weighs the options of continuing to please people who are awful to her or turning on them and going with people she likes and respects.

It's been a long time since I've gotten to say this, so I have to do it right. Ahem...


PROBST SIGHTING! Ah, feels good. Anyway, it's time for a Reward Challenge. This week's challenge is an obstacle course/basketball game. They will be broken into two teams. This is a muddy challenge as they have to flop in the mud to go under an obstacle, up and over a slide into more mud. Then they have to dig up some bags of balls (uh huh huh huh...I said "bag of balls"). Then dive their wet muddy selves into a big pile of rice. Once all four bags of balls are retrieved, they have to shoot all 12 balls into a makeshift basket. The reward? This is the reward I would HAVE to have. They will get to take some much needed toys and school supplies to a local village, where they will hang out with the villagers and have a feast.

Teams are like this: Penner, Malcolm, Denise and Carter vs. Skupin, Lisa and two-thirds of the Axis of Evil (Artis and Pete). Shocker, Abi was not she has no shot at a reward. The challenge starts and it's Skupin vs. Penner. They get to the ball pit at about the same time and Skupin gets his bag lightning fast. Penner gets his bag, but doesn't get up. He stays in the mud pit until he has found all four bags of balls. He puts three bags in different corners, grabs the fourth and works his way through the rice to drop off his first bag. Meanwhile, Lisa is running the second leg of the race and is digging for her bag. Carter takes off and easily gets through the course, drops of his bag and Denise takes off. She blows through the course and Malcolm is up to run the final leg. Lisa finally gets her bag to the end and Pete takes off. Malcolm gets the final bag of balls to the end and the red team can start shooting. They have nine balls in before Artis finally arrives with the final bag. So because of Penner's forethought, this wasn't even a contest and the red team wins reward. Sorry Pete, Abi and nothin' for ya.

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