Survivor: Philippines - Episode 2

Don't Be Blinded By The Headlights

By Ben Willoughby

September 27, 2012

People are rarely this happy to be voted off of Survivor.

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Previously on Survivor, our 15 castaways were split into three tribes and then introduced to three returnees – all returning from devastating evacuations! On Kalabaw, Jeff Kent hurt his leg and we all saw how he did it and we can’t say he hurt it in any other way, and then he encouraged everyone to hate Jonathan. On Tandang, Michael felt a little flicker in his heart for Lisa, while RC put together an alliance with everyone but Lisa (and Artis, who hasn’t lived up to his early promise of being a hyper-competitive loudmouth). And on Matsing, Russell disclaimed leadership as a thing for dummies, then promptly took leadership and failed at it. He was only saved from the chopping block by Zane, who thought he was the sharpest tool in the shed only to find he’d brought a spoon to a gun-fight. Also, Probst lies that experience helped Russell and Jonathan find clues to the hidden immunity idol, when Russell just lucked into finding it.

Seventeen are left, who will be voted out tonight?

Matsing returns to camp, where Russell thanks everyone for not voting him out, and in interview he instantly swears that he’s not going to be the big chief who takes over and tells everyone what to do. Cut back to Malcolm and Denise saying “Let’s just not do that again!” and “That would be great!”, but I think they are talking about Tribal Council. In interview, Russell says that his “strategy going forward on is to step back and let them rise and fall on the decisions they make. That way when they crash and burn, they can be on the chopping block instead of me.” That sounds just like his original plan of just three days ago, and look how that worked out. Has Russell noticed the flaw in this plan? And why is he assuming they will crash and burn without his leadership?

That night, Malcolm and Angie decide to cuddle up for warmth. Well, more than cuddle up since there’s actual stroking. But there’s nothing going on between them, Angie swears. In interview, Malcolm admits that the first moment he saw Angie, his mantra was “don’t get booty-blinded, don’t get booty-blinded” but while he’s there to play for a million dollars, “there’s no denying that that’s a good-looking girl”. Roxy, sleeping next to them, wakes up with a hilariously awkward look on her face. Soon it seems like everyone is awake and looking at the two cuddlers. Roxy interviews that this is “the same trap we see every time. And with Angie, literally, it’s a booby-trap and Malcolm’s falling for it.” Because Angie has boobs, get it?


On Day 4 at Tandang, it has done nothing but rain, so RC and Lisa check the rice to make sure that it hasn’t gone moldy. While rummaging, RC finds the immunity idol clue. After getting rid of Lisa, RC arranges with Abi to meet her over by the well, where they agree the clue shall stay between them. In interview, RC notes that as they haven’t been to Tribal Council, her alliance hasn’t been tested until now. She believes that sharing the clue should show Abi that RC trusts her.

Abi has exactly the opposite interpretation. She believes it was lucky she was around because RC had “no other choice” but to share the clue. Abi is suspicious of RC, believing her to be too close to Michael – and as evidence, we see RC looking at yet another injury Michael has done to himself. This man should be bubble-wrapped. “If she screws me, she is dead to me”, Abi says.

Abi immediately makes the idiotic move of confronting RC, complaining that she is always off whispering with Michael. RC talks about how she likes Michael and sees him as a father figure, and Abi responds “Doesn’t matter if you like Mike or not, this is a game,” which is true and is why you make nice with people by talking with them. RC counters that it’s the same with Abi and Pete, but according to Abi, RC and Michael “switch conversations.” RC looks very uneasy, and in interview, she talks about how Abi thinks she is making sub-alliances – which she claims not to be – and that she does not know how to prove otherwise. “I am your friend, but if you *bleep* with me, you are dead, we are done”, Abi tells RC like she’s Joe Pesci in Goodfellas. This is the point where RC and Abi officially become frenemies.

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