Survivor: One World Recap

It's Human Nature

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 10, 2012

I never should have hitched my wagon to Colton.

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We're down to the final two episodes of the season, and the big questions are whether Kim can continue to dominate and whether the women will eventually stick together and get rid of Tarzan. Here's how the contestants stack up this week.

1) Kim - We are of the opinion that Kim is the most talented new contestant since Yul Kwon. And Yul Kwon emerged victorious in his season. We remain concerned that the best player will not win Survivor: One World because the other players have no illusions about who the jury respects the most.

2) Chelsea - We vacillate between Sabrina and Chelsea as the second strongest player. At the moment, Chelsea appears to be elevating her game. Also, she has forged strong allegiances with players likely to comprise the female members of the jury.

3) Sabrina - What hurts Sabrina is the perception that as leader of the female tribe/alliance, she has not lived up to her responsibilities working around camp. Perhaps this is an unfair assertion on a tribe that includes Alicia and, until recently, Kat. Still, perception equals reality more often than not in this game. And the perception of Sabrina is that she got a bit lazy after the women gained power.


4) Tarzan - We have stated that Tarzan cannot win Survivor and we still believe that to be true. Given the vast divide between the top three and bottom three players remaining, however, we had to consider potential outcomes in this game. Do we think that wishy-washy Christina or ultra-bitch Alicia could garner the men’s vote? No. Do we think that Tarzan could? Probably not. Still, juries are notoriously unpredictable. Given that this one is comprised of many men, bros could in fact pick Tarzan over hos.

5) Alicia - We hate this bitch. Yes, that’s more direct than normal for us, but it’s the truth. Alicia figured out at some point that piling on hurts only if you are on the bottom. The glee she has taken in directing anger at Christina is pathetic. Alas, it has also proven effective. Kim even said last week that Alicia is delusional about her status in the game, which means the players should want to bring her to the final vote.

6) Christina -We keep waiting for Christina to do something, ANYTHING to stick up for herself and show some spine. This has yet to happen. We believe that there are four players remaining who are strategizing about winning Survivor. Christina is one of those, albeit the least accomplished. Still, we struggle to find scenarios wherein she garners the requisite votes to win the game. The men who have been eliminated do not seem to respect her any more than the women who have mercilessly abused her this year. Christina deserves a better fate and we hope that if she is invited back to play again at some point that she will have found the courage to speak in her own defense more.

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