Survivor: One World Recap

It's Human Nature

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 10, 2012

I never should have hitched my wagon to Colton.

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After Tribal Council, Tarzan says that he was surprised not to have been voted out at the previous Tribal Council. He feels that the ladies started turning on each other a little too early, and that this failing can only benefit him. He claims to have a strategy for making it to the Final Three, but is unwilling to reveal it on camera (possibly because those sneaky cameramen might use it for nefarious purposes).

He consults with Kim for a few minutes and tells her that he believes her ideal Final Three should be herself, Alicia and Christina. Tarzan says that not only would no one ever vote for Christina, but he would also be able to convince the jury that Kim is the best option for Sole Survivor.

When Alicia approaches, they reveal this potential plan to her. For her part, Alicia wonders what’s in it for her (which is typical), and after Kim leaves them, Tarzan tells her that he can totally get the jury to vote for her and stuff.

Tarzan reminds us that all he really wants to do is be able to buy shocks for his car. This is all fun and games until we learn that Tarzan has died in a car crash six months from now. Also, what kind of plastic surgeon doesn’t have enough money for shocks?

There’s an awful lot of focus on Tarzan this early in the episode, which is usually a bad sign. We have a feeling that Tarzan’s neck is going to be on the line tonight.


At this point in the game, Chelsea believes that the Survivors are divided into two alliances – Sabrina, Kim and herself versus Alicia, Christina and Tarzan…or as we call it, the good players against the bad ones. Chelsea has a perception that Christina is Alicia’s puppet, which makes the two of them the female, non-animated equivalent of C. Montgomery Burns and Waylon Smithers.

Christina immediately goes back and tells the others everything about the exchange she has just had with Chelsea. Kim is sitting with them when this happens, and we have to say that if we ever need a wartime spy, she’d be our choice. She goes to Chelsea and tells her that Christina has already betrayed her confidence, which absolutely befuddles Chelsea. The problem is that Christina just has absolutely no plan here – and yet she may wind up in the Final Three with a chance to win.

Probst sighting! Today’s Reward Challenge has each Survivor unscrewing a disk by running around in circles. Once they have three discs, they have to decode a puzzle. The winner will go to a yacht, where they’ll be served cocktails, have a shower and receive new clothes. They’ll also get a three-course meal and a night of glorious luxury and rest.

It’s a very close competition, but Chelsea manages to get her puzzle solved before the rest of the group. She chooses Sabrina to go with her, because she thinks that she should take someone who hasn’t gotten to go for Reward for a while. Then, totally contradicting that reasoning, she also chooses Kim. This allows Tarzan some time to try to sow the seeds of discord amongst the women most likely to support his cause.

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