Survivor: One World Recap

I'm No Dummy

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 19, 2012

He's got his Russell hat! How can he lose?

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Power Rankings

1) Kim - We’ve been debating amongst ourselves, and have come to the conclusion that she is probably the best player since JT/Stephen, whichever one you think is better. (We used to think that was JT, but after he wrote that letter, we’ve started to think it might have been Stephen driving the bus.) Kim is well in control of the game, and now that she’s had a wakeup call that someone like Troyzan could put together a group that might target her, she’s not taking anything for granted. Her biggest problem is that people have now figured out that she’s the one making the decisions leading to eliminations, which means that the target is squarely on her back.

2) Sabrina - She put a little distance between herself and Chelsea last episode, as she showed that she has the emotional detachment necessary to make the tough calls. Her alliance with Kim and Chelsea is solid, but we think that when it comes down to it, Sabrina is the one who will have the impetus to make a move if she needs to eliminate her strongest competition (i.e. Kim). She’s also influential enough that she could move some people to side with her versus a competitor.

3) Chelsea - While she’s a member of the core trio, Chelsea is struggling with the deception necessary to win the game of Survivor. She has stayed consistent with her alliance, but she’s never really gotten anyone to vote for the person she wants eliminated. Chelsea may need to make a power move against either Kim or Sabrina at some point, because she is definitely third out of three in that grouping. We think she’ll struggle to drum up support for any ideas she may have, though.

4) Troyzan - He’s the man with the best chance to win. He came up with a strategy that would have worked at the last Tribal Council, but his plans got blown up when Jay told Kim all about the scheme. He has to win Immunity to stay in the game, but he’s tough and determined, so it’s not out of the question that he could run the table.


5 & 6) Kat and Christina - Kat is in the right alliance and she’s not making any enemies, but she couldn’t strategize her way out of a giant paper bag. Christina hasn’t had much of a chance to show what she can do, but we think she’s smart enough to take her shot at one of the core trio. If Troyzan can win immunity, this might be a good time for her to rally the men and make a move.

7) Alicia - Pros: Has girl parts. Cons: Is a total bitch.

8) Leif - He’s amiable, but he’s all too malleable, which makes people feel like they can push him around. He’s the only dude left in the game who isn’t Troyzan, so it’s just a matter of time, really. In fact, if Troyzan wins Immunity today, Leif is a logical choice for the ladies if they don’t want to create premature rifts.

9) Tarzan - We’ll say the same thing this week that we will every week until the end of the show. He can’t win, but he’s not going to get eliminated. People are going to want him sitting beside him at the final. He’s Federal Agent Philip: The Revenge.

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