Survivor: One World Recap

I'm No Dummy

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 19, 2012

He's got his Russell hat! How can he lose?

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Previously on Survivor, the women decided to make their true alliance known. With a plan to split votes between Troyzan and Jay, they could ensure that no hidden Immunity Idol would get in their way of voting out a strong man. Although Troy’s radar proved to be pinging correctly, he couldn’t rally the votes needed to pull a blindside on Kim. Even Jay maintained his trust in “his two girls” (Kim and Chelsea), voting instead for Alicia as he believed they were solid in an alliance with him. In the end, Jay was the one sent packing. Now, the women are solid and Troyzan is the obvious next target unless he can win an Immunity Challenge.

As the group gets back from Tribal Council, Troyzan has worked himself into a tumultuous frenzy. He’s thoroughly pissed about the way everything just went down, and he knows that his only chance at winning now is to pull an Ozzy…and even Ozzy couldn’t pull an Ozzy. Thus, he begins sniping at Christina, who he thought would vote for Kim along with him and Leif. “I’m not getting upset, I’m just really fucking pissed off,” he might as well say. She tells him he should take it as a compliment that they are trying to vote him off. That just sets him off even more.

“This is not a team anymore. I’m not a team player. This is just Troyzan versus everyone else. That’s the way I feel.”

On Day 25, Troyzan finally figures out the fundamentals of Survivor.


When Troyzan appeals to Chelsea, telling her he deserves to be there more than other players, she replies that he shouldn’t take it so personally. “Like Jonas…He took it like a man. He deserves to be here more than…maybe you,” she says. For those of you unfamiliar with Chelsea-speak, this means, “Fuck you and don’t vote for me in the final Tribal Council.” We’ve seen more diplomatic tactics employed in the past in front of doomed players.

Just when we’re ready to take Troyzan’s side, he counters with this gem: “These girls are kind of acting like what a lot of women act like in real life. They get their house. They get their food. They get all their stuff. Then as soon as they feel satisfied, they go, ‘Oh, guess what, we don’t need you anymore. We’re done with the guy.’” Oh, Troyzan, the Republican National Committee is on Line 1.

Thankfully, these tirades are broken up when Tree Mail arrives to announce an impending auction for the Reward Challenge. Troyzan notes that he will save every last bit of his money (they each get $500) to spend on any clue or item that gives him an advantage in the Immunity Challenge.

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