Survivor: One World Recap

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

March 8, 2012

I am so happy because we won the immunity challenge! Now, to smooth things over with Colton...

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What we conclude from this turn of events is that Michael is serious about advancing in Survivor. Yes, his behavior is unbecoming and truly unfortunate for Leif, who only tried to speak openly with a friend. Still, Michael curries favor with the current power player in the game while simultaneously painting a target on someone else’s back. Clever.

Leif absorbs a beating for his transgression. Surprised by the line of questioning, Leif attempts to deny that he told Bill anything. Unfortunately for him, placing people on the defensive is one of Colston’s few skills in life. He lies by saying that if Leif comes clean now, it’ll be forgiven but that if he doesn’t, all bets are off. Leif comes clean and Colton berates him for being so unreliable. Remember two episodes ago when Colton was so pathetic and weak that he cried when neither tribe would talk to him? Good times.

“He’s turning into an annoying little Oompa Lompa.” – Colton, revealing yet another bigoted aspect of his character

The women are having such a quiet episode that the only aspect of the day that passes for drama for them involves the upcoming immunity challenge. The notification indicates that a puzzle will be included in the competition, as has become standard for Survivor. Kat, in a rare burst of self-awareness, asks to be partnered with someone better at puzzles. She is lacking in more than just dance skills (seriously, there are like 700 dancing videogames…buy one, Kat) and accepts this.


Alicia immediately offers to assist her BFF. Kat denies this request because she wanted someone who was, you know, good at puzzles. Alicia takes offense at the manner in which Kat is (effectively) calling her stupid. This all but assures that Alicia will volunteer to handle the puzzle portion of the challenge. From what we have seen from Alicia thus far, we wouldn’t trust her to do the Picture Find in Highlights. The women’s momentum appears certain to end.

Probst sighting!

The challenge tonight is straightforward. A pair of players will race across a series of teeter totters to reach puzzles on the other side. After the completion of a puzzle, they must cross another teeter totter to the next challenge. Once all of the puzzles are completed, there is a race back to the finish line. And this competition makes the Reward Challenge look like the 2011 World Series in terms of competitiveness.

Tarzan and Colton are the first competitors for the men while Alicia and Chelsea compete for the women. The men complete their challenge and Jay and Michael head to the second puzzle. The women continue to work on the first one. As Probst states, “It is the easiest puzzle and it is taking them a long time.” The men finish the second heat as Bill and Troyzan begin the third and final one.

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