Survivor: South Pacific

Finale: Loyalties Will Be Broken, Part 1

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

December 19, 2011

We're still best friends, right? RIGHT???

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Ozzy chimes in, "But we talked..." Uh oh...and here's where the last little shreds of Coach's game can come completely unraveled. Ozzy tells everyone that Coach wanted to take him to the end. Sophie interrupts to say that at this point, it's not just about loyalties for her right now. She personally wants Ozzy out because she feels that he has been disrespectful to her since day one. He tells her that he thinks she acts like a spoiled brat out there. He says that everyone that's come through Redemption has given him pieces that make him feel that way about her. And then we see something that I NEVER would have expected to happen. Sophie completely breaks down. She feels Ozzy made a very personal attack against her and that she is not used to people commenting on her character. Even Dawn mentions it on the jury as she says, "She's breaking down."

Sophie goes on to say that she's done a lot to try to be friends with people out there and that what has her so upset is that all of these people are supposedly saying this stuff about her. She feels that this game is not helping her build a thicker skin, she's losing skin and finding out that what she thought was a strength of hers is actually a weakness. She says that feeling like everyone thinks she's a selfish spoiled bitch makes her regret even coming out there. Probst tries to get her composed a little, but she tells him it's time to vote. If Coach doesn't dump Sophie now, she may have just won the game. The jury is really feeling for her. Dawn, Whitney and Brandon are practically in tears watching her.


We see Moustache's vote for Sophie saying that this is the only shot he has. Ozzy votes Sophie saying that he's sorry he made her cry, but he still thinks it. We don't see any other votes, but we have to assume Sophie voted Rick. As Jeff asks if someone would like to play the hidden idol, Coach arrogantly stands pat and does not play the idol. And this is why he fails. It's a very small thing, but the jury sees all. They see him being an arrogant ass, over and over. They're not going to vote for that. What would have been so hard about standing up and saying, "Jeff, I think I'm safe, but I want to be 100%. Here's my idol."? And the jury thinks nothing of it. Instead, you keep it and look like an ass. Oh yeah...and when the votes come up, Albert and Coach stick with Sophie and send Rick to the jury. As Coach tries to give Rick a hug on the way out (as he has with everyone), Rick tells him to "Go on, have a seat." One thing's for sure, the trend of bitter juries from the last several seasons seems to be in full force on this one as well.

Before they head out, Jeff tells them they will participate in their final challenge tomorrow and a winner will be decided. With his final speech, Rick says that he was a fool to think Coach was playing this game straight and that his vote is for Ozzy.

While they go to commercial, I'm going to grab another soda and some chips. I'll be back for Part 2 of the Finale Recap momentarily. See ya!

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