Survivor: South Pacific

Finale: Loyalties Will Be Broken, Part 1

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

December 19, 2011

We're still best friends, right? RIGHT???

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When they get back to camp, Ozzy recounts how he built his tower to win the challenge. He loves the idea of watching these guys squirm. He said he plans on playing them all against each other now. Coach and Albert are discussing who to get rid of. Coach thinks Rick has a good shot to win, so he needs to go next. He tells us that he was thinking about Albert, but he's worried that Rick could be the "aw shucks I kept my word" player in the final three and that people who don't like the other finalists could settle on him. I think Coach has played a fantastic game, but this is where Rob shined and Coach has not. He doesn't read people well. No one that's a part of this game should think Moustache has a chance in hell of winning it. Ozzy steps up to Albert to suggest that Sophie is the one that needs to go. He feels she's a brat and cites her hollering at Albert during the challenge as his reasoning. He says he's voting for Sophie and pretty well swings Albert right into his corner. Albert says that he thinks Sophie will speak well and could easily influence a jury. His strategy may suck, but Albert does read people well. Anyone should be able to tell that Sophie is a bigger threat than Moustache.

Speaking of Moustache, he has approached Coach about who's getting the vote. Coach is very aloof and very vague with his answers. The whole deception and lying part of this game is not easy for him. You can read him like a frickin' book. Rick asks him what he plans to do and Coach says he'll throw a vote someone's way. He says that he thinks Sophie will be voting for Rick.

Rick tells us that Coach is good at skirting questions without ever actually giving a commitment. As an example of this, Rick suggests they vote out Sophie. Coach's response, "I'd vote for Sophie." Not "I will vote for Sophie...but I would". That's the way he's been working these last several answers that he can justify in his own mind as not lies...but they really are. No one is going to go back to the transcripts and see that he said "would" instead of "will" and be like..."Oh, you got me there big guy." They're going to think he's a liar.


Albert tries to talk Ozzy about dumping Rick. Ozzy tells him that it's a mistake and then tells Albert that Coach promised him "as a Christian man" that he would take him to the finals. Albert is totally thrown off by this. He says it makes sense as Coach always chimes about taking the strongest players to the end. So Albert goes to Coach to question him about this. Albert straight up asks Coach if he gave his word to Ozzy. Coach's response, "I can't wait to vote his ass outta here." And there you have it. He didn't deny promising Ozzy, but Albert seems to accept that as an answer. As they head to Tribal, Albert seems to be leaning toward joining Ozzy and voting for Sophie.

As the jury comes into Tribal Council, they may as well have done cartwheels at seeing Ozzy with the immunity necklace around his neck. They start with the challenge. Ozzy says he knows that he's gone if he loses a challenge. Tonight is the last night to play the hidden idol, Coach says that he'll play it tonight, which narrows the voting pool to three. Albert suggests that he should be kept as someone who can compete with Ozzy in a challenge. This gets a huge eye roll from Ozzy and several chuckles from the jury. And they're right. Albert's probably the LEAST likely to beat Ozzy in a challenge.

Jeff asks Sophie why she should be kept around. She says she thinks that she can beat Ozzy as she's won more challenges than the rest of them. Rick tells us that Ozzy is probably gonna win immunity again, so he needs to think about people who can't beat him and that he probably can't beat him, so he should be kept. Sophie reiterates that the most important thing is to beat Ozzy and if Rick isn't the guy to do it, he needs to go. Jeff asks Coach why it's so important to get rid of Ozzy. He gives a weird roundabout answer that basically boils down to "we're a family, so I'm trying to stick with the family."

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