Survivor: South Pacific

Finale: Loyalties Will Be Broken, Part 1

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

December 19, 2011

We're still best friends, right? RIGHT???

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Brandon - 1 million-1. It's weird how my thoughts on him have changed. He's still creepy and his Mikayla stuff at the beginning of this season worries me. But, I really think if Brandon makes it to the final Tribal...he can win this thing. And while I love the thought of Brandon having the ultimate braggin' rights at the next family reunion, I don't think he has a chance in hell of getting to the end. Ozzy is a tough enough first task. If he manages to win the duel, then he has to figure out how to stay alive in a game that's already voted him off. Stranger things have happened, I just don't think they'll happen tonight.

We begin the episode with a lengthy recap of the happenings from Day One until tonight. We then check in at Redemption Island as Brandon arrives and disturbs Ozzy's slumber. He tells Ozzy about giving up immunity to save Albert. Ozzy tells us that Brandon wasn't blindsided, he gave away immunity. You NEVER give away immunity. If you do, you go home. He says Brandon isn't playing a loyalty game, he's playing a blind faith game. And that won't work in a game for a million dollars. Brandon tells us that it hurts to get stabbed in the back by your best friend, but he forgives Albert and hopes he learns from this experience. I think it's interesting that he seems to bear no ill will toward Coach.


We join the rest of the tribe as they return to camp. Sophie tells us that Tribal was crazy and that Brandon made the ultimate stupid move. She also tells us that Albert not giving the necklace back made him look bad in front of the jury. Which brings us to Coach, Albert and Sophie arguing by the fire. Albert claims to have not known that Brandon was going home. Coach tells us that Albert knew Brandon would go home and that he should just own his actions. There's no need to lie about it to them, because they know the truth. Coach is really pissed with Albert and the way he is (and has been) playing toward the jury. He tells Albert that he's sick of the politicking and he refuses to be made a fool of. He says that he's been made a fool of so many times in this game and he's not going to stand for it anymore. Albert tells us that he realizes he's in bad shape with his tribe right now and he needs to do some serious damage control if he's to stay alive.

Back at Redemption Island, Ozzy and Brandon get the note that this is the final dual. The clue suggests that they need to "hang on." Ozzy tells us that in his two weeks on Redemption, he's well fed, he's well rested and he's better prepared to get back in this game. He's in better shape now than he has been in any game of Survivor he's played. He's going to miss Redemption, but he's ready to get back in the game and see if he can finish it out.

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